5 Tips For Hiring A Stamped Concrete Contractor

Stamped concrete can be a perfect way to dress up your driveway, patio, or walkway, and since there are no ridges where weed growth can transpire, it needs less maintenance. After it has been poured, and before it dries, a stamped concrete contractor will apply color mixes, textures, and patterns to the concrete; this will allow the concrete to resemble tile, wood, slate stone, or other materials.

During this process, because the stamped concrete is still wet, a high degree of skill and special equipment is needed to get the design finished properly. That is why, before you recruit them, you want to make sure that your concrete contractor is experienced.


 Check for stamped concrete experience: It takes advanced equipment and training to be able to pull the stamping process off without losing the visual or structural consistency of the finished concrete. Just because a concrete contractor is your candidate doesn’t mean that they have experience with stamped concrete. If they have prior experience with pouring decorative concrete, ask the prospective contractor.

Check references and credentials: “trust, but confirm,” as the saying goes. Get references for other work done in the field by the applicant and drive through to inspect their work. Speak to a homeowner who has carried out the same contractor’s stamped concrete work so that you can get a sense of their job efficiency.

Ask to see the required licenses and check insurance and bonding provisions for the contractor. You don’t want to be left with the bill because you went with a business that didn’t adequately cover itself.

Share your vision: You also need to make sure they understand what your vision of the finished project is, even though you are recruiting the best stamped concrete contractor in Vaughan. Provide examples of the sort of concrete that you plan to have while finishing up work. Before work starts, everyone should be on the same page.

Ask about details: If you need clarification on something, ask questions: For example, if you do not understand the rationale behind all or part of the price, how or why an existing concrete needs to be removed, the timetable or other project elements, don’t be afraid to ask. In helping you understand the operation, a stamped concrete contractor should be cooperative. See if the contractor makes assurances or guarantees for their job.

Understand plan B: For any landscaping project, the primary cause of delays is the weather. In the event of a weather delay, ask what their contingency plan is while considering a stamped concrete contractor. This can vary from how the project will be prioritized in the face of other deadlines to how any in-progress concrete will be secured from the elements.

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