Stamped Concrete

Create your California outdoor living space with stylish Stamped Concrete for your Residence or Business. Together we design your property to be the one of your dreams.

Providing Warrantied Residential & Commercial Stamped Concrete Services

We offer Driveways, Backyard Patios, Side Yards, Pool Decks, Front Entryways, and Courtyards. From a variety of different pigment colors of concrete to stamp selections of textured, brick, herringbone or even wood stamp. The options are endless to match your properties structural design. We have brochures with examples of true to color options and stamp designs for you to select from. Our team of experts are here to help you make the best decision and offer recommendations based on our vast experience. Add value and transform your property into a stunning finished product with us.


Our Warrantied Stamped Concrete Services Available in Walnut Creek and Beyond

We offer all of the following stamped concrete services throughout our service area, including but not limited to Livermore, Brentwood, Orinda, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Alamo, Concord, Oakland, and the surrounding communities. Our Decorative/Architectural Concrete Services include:

  • Stamped Concrete: All Types Of Textures
  • Patterns: Brick, Herringbone, Wood Style, Modern, Traditional & Many More
  • Color Tones Grey, Beige, Brown, Red Tan & Several Mixed Options
  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete: Hand Seeded Stones, Pebbles, Glass, etc.
  • Crushed Exposed Aggregate Concrete
  • Etched Finishes – Light to Heavy Exposed
  • Hand Scored Patterns

Repair or Replace Your Existing Foundation?

Things can look much worse than they actually are when a home foundation is damaged. In that light, the foundation may seem beyond repair, but there is always an answer with Spaulding Concrete.

In the large majority of cases the solution is not to demolish the old foundation and build a new foundation in its place. While we agree that taking any foundation issue seriously is wise, it is important to keep in mind that most foundation issues have easy, affordable and permanent solutions to fix them.

Replacing your foundation is a process that our company takes on with immense attention to detail with blueprint planning, project timeline management and a highly professional team supporting your valuable property. This may include excavating the house’s entire perimeter, installing the frame and temporary supports, building a new wall, and filling back in the perimeter. Every project has different circumstances and requirements. Our job is to follow all the current safety guidelines and make available to you the latest stabilization technology with Spaulding Concrete.

Spaulding Concrete Can Fix Your Foundation or Structural Problem!

We’re here to fix the problem of your home’s foundation, no matter what it is. We have the specialized equipment, services and professional experience that you need to make permanent improvements to your building’s foundation.

To get you started on the right foot, we would be happy to give you a free quote for the repair of the foundation. When you reach out by phone or email we will have one of our foundation experts answer any questions you have and explain how we can restore integrity and structural stability to your home or company building permanently.

To schedule your free quote, call or email us today! We are proud to serve Orinda, Lafayette, Moraga, Pleasant Hill, Concord, Martinez, Pittsburg, Antioch, Brentwood and the surrounding areas.

About Our Process

Our process is simple. We treat every new client as if they were our first and proceed by finalizing their priority list and making the most accountable decisions to complete their dream project in a timely, on budget and efficient manner. We are a flexible company that can break down large jobs into phases that work best for our clients, if necessary.

Since we are a family owned company, we have a true passion for every job we touch. We offer superior service with fair prices along with thorough communication to our clients. We bring quality service to match quality results. Our clients’ satisfaction is our highest priority. We won’t leave a job until our customers are happy.

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Recent Projects

Within our Recent Projects Gallery you’ll find a variety of layout designs that we have created for our clients according to their landscape space and property style. We communicate thoroughly with every client to ensure we have created their dream space. For further examples of previous projects please reach out to us anytime! Our services include but are not limited to:

Concord Patio & Driveway

Walnut Creek Driveway & Patio

Pleasant Hill Patio


We understand you may have questions regarding our process or inquires for your next project. Our team of qualified experts are here to advise and help design your vision. Don't see your question answered here? Feel free to send us your question!

Are we a certified company?

We are a California FEMA certified Retrofitting Contractor. Developed from FEMA P-593 Seismic rehabilitation program and under current existing California building code Chapter A4.

How Are Your Sidewalks Constructed?

Sidewalks are poured in sections with expansion joints in between them. They typically are not made with rebar reinforcement but rather have an aggregate rock sub-base. Sidewalks are finished flat and can sometimes have a subtle finish to enhance grip and safety when the surface is wet.

Do I Need To Seal My New Concrete Driveway?

You should apply a high-quality sealer to all exterior concrete slabs exposed to freeze-thaw conditions. The sealer helps protect the concrete from moisture absorption, exposure to chemicals, grease and oil stains. On decorative colored concrete, a sealer will also help enhance the color. Sealer should be applied 30 days after initial concrete pour and can be reapplied every 2-4 years.

How Thick Should My Concrete Be Poured?

On average due to expansive soils the minimum thickness is 4”. Though, depending on the weight to be applied to a slab the thickness will increase.

How Long After Concrete Is Poured Can It Be Walked On?

In most general situations, the following day you can walk on the concrete without damage. However, depending on weather conditions and some other variables it can length or shorten this amount of time.