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Walls that are preserved are distinctive aspects of any home or building landscape. The sloping ground is stabilized and prevented from eroding or crumbling by equally functional and decorative retaining walls. A retaining wall is an integral part of a structural landscape, but it can also be beautiful, built from a variety of ornamental or decorative materials, and an eye-catching structure. 

Most people see their retaining walls on their property as a design element. Spaulding Concrete is here to assist if your property has the necessary need for installing a retaining wall or talking to a specialist about retaining wall construction.


Purpose Of Retaining Walls

Did you know that retaining walls are an engineering feat? Their aim is to redistribute the uneven soil pressure and forces the ground sloping behind to resist the structure from moving. Although there are a variety of materials available to build your retaining wall, many of them have a shorter lifespan than concrete.

When considering your decision make sure to contact us for a free consultation or you risk damaging your property or running into a disaster when your wall – later in its life – falls down.

Our team is experienced and skilled in creating sturdy, beautiful retaining walls that will last a lifetime and understand the ins-and-outs of creating a structure that will withstand the elements and offer many, many years of safety and beauty.

Retaining Wall Designs

There are hundreds of components to maintain wall design, and you can be assisted by a contractor here at Spaulding Concrete. For example, the installation of filers fabric and gravel behind the wall regulates water for proper drainage. We will help you design and improve this feature, so that your property can remain safe and beautiful for years to come.

Our experts in retaining wall design will work with you to ensure that your wall comes out exactly the way you had imagined. Here are a few of the elements we’ll discuss with you as we work together on your project design:

  • The Size of the Wall. The size of your wall of retention will largely depend on its function and position.
  • The Materials of the Wall. The materials that you use to build your wall have a major impact on its long-term functionality and durability. 
  • The Location of the Wall Because retaining walls are used to redistribute the pressure of gravity sloping ground, location is essential to proper function. 
  • The Design Elements of the Wall. The preservation of walls is not just about a feature. The structural layout of each is crafted by our experts. We believe in the longevity of concrete wall construction. 

About Our Process

Our process is simple. We treat every new client as if they were our first and proceed by finalizing their priority list and making the most accountable decisions to complete their dream project in a timely, on budget and efficient manner. We are a flexible company that can break down large jobs into phases that work best for our clients, if necessary.

Since we are a family owned company, we have a true passion for every job we touch. We offer superior service with fair prices along with thorough communication to our clients. We bring quality service to match quality results. Our clients’ satisfaction is our highest priority. We won’t leave a job until our customers are happy.

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Within the gallery you’ll find a variation of colors and different styles that we are capable of producing for you. We communicate thoroughly with our clients to ensure that we provide them with the right results. Our team won’t leave the job until our customers are satisfied with the results.

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We understand you may have questions regarding our process or inquires for your next project. Our team of qualified experts are here to advise and help design your vision. Don’t see your question answered here? Feel free to send us your question!

What are the benefits of a retaining wall for my home and how long do they last?

Residential retaining walls are often used to protect exposed basements from the effects of erosion. For homes on top of hills, retaining walls keep the foundation from shifting. For homes at the bottom of a hill, a retaining wall will keep loose soil from building up around the house. Different placement of a wall will provide different results for your home and yard. Commercial retaining walls provide functional support and aesthetic appeal to business properties. When constructing a new building, retaining walls help keep the area level by controlling the grading. Properly constructed retaining walls can last decades.

What are segmental retaining walls?

Brick or stone blocks are stacked in an interlocking pattern to create segments along your wall. This is different from some retaining walls which are a single piece of poured concrete or made from slatted wood. The blocks must be specifically placed to ensure the fit is right and the final wall will be strong.

How high can a retaining wall be?

Several factors will determine how high your retaining wall will be. Some walls may only need to be 2 feet high while others on commercial land might exceed 40 feet. It will depend on your property and how much protection you need the wall to provide.

What sort of draining system should be installed with my retaining wall?

Our contractors will find the best drainage solution for your retaining walls. Some walls may require drainage pipes while others only need a few weep holes drilled into the blocks.

How many different looks are available for retaining walls?

There are countless possibilities for your commercial or residential retaining walls. Blocks are available in different sizes, a variety of colors, and from different materials. Ask our contractors for details about custom retaining wall designs for your property.