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Serving our community in flat surface concrete installation for sidewalks, city bike paths, driveways, and side driveway additions, commercial floors, parking lots, RV pads, steps, curbs, and gutters.  Also site work repairs to existing cracked, damaged concrete. Specializing in the completion of our projects in an effective, timely and reasonable manner. In need of Flat Concrete installation for your Home or Commercial structure? We specialize in a large variety of services listed below.


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Flat Concrete Services by Spaulding Concrete

Concrete can provide a more cost-effective solution to many of your design and building goals. For places where heavy traffic occurs, the need for construction material that can withstand excess weight and/or periods of daily use, concrete is often used. This is one of the reasons why concrete driveways are often constructed. Additionally our experts agree concrete is generally best supported by dumpster pads as they can withstand the weight produced by the force of a garbage truck.

Spaulding Concrete specializes in improving public works departments on-site and off-site as well as private Residential work projects. With many years in Construction, we have extensive experience in shaping, pouring and designing concrete to match your layout desire. For home and residential improvements our contractors use the same care as we do with all of our comprehensive public works projects.  

With over 20 years in the construction industry, Spaulding Concrete can accommodate any size plan, from replacing old damaged concrete to all new installations. Over the past years, in several areas of construction throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, we have built thousands of cubic yards of concrete. Spaulding Concrete specializes in managing a range of concrete flatwork projects. We can supply a vast range of finishes to our clients. Our crews are experienced in new construction, repair or restoration, as well as projects involving both.

Do You Need Flat Concrete Services for Your Public Works, Residential Or Commercial Industrial Projects? 

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We specialize in all forms of flat concrete services to ensure every project is fully compliant with ADA and Blueprint Plans so that you are not only pleased but can rest assured that your project is following current guidelines. We offer the following Flat Concrete services:

Site Concrete:

  • Sidewalk Installation & Repair
  • Bike Paths, Parking Lots & Commercial Floor
  • Curb & Gutter
  • City Repair Services
  • Flatwork: Driveways, Patios, Pool Decks, Walkways, Stairs, Garage Floor, RV Pads & Shed Pad Additions
  • ADA Experts: Concrete handicap ramps

Complete Site Packages:

  • Blueprint Design Layout
  • Heavy Equipment Demolition Process 
  • Grading
  • Drainage
  • Underground 
  • Form Building 
  • Concrete Poured, Finished and Clean up

  Repair Services As Scheduling Permits:

  • Power Grinding
  • Trip Hazard Repair
  • Tree Root Damage
  • Crack Repair
  • Repair Deteriorated Surfaces

Successful concrete projects require careful planning and thorough preparation.

Spaulding Concrete reviews the site and designs to ensure that the concrete and base structure follows the criteria for the planned use and that the layout and finishes are suitable for the project. The qualified concrete experts at Spaulding Concrete will be on schedule, on budget and meet or exceed standards by careful planning, professional execution, and strict quality control.

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About Our Process

Our process is simple. We treat every new client as if they were our first and proceed by finalizing their priority list and making the most accountable decisions to complete their dream project in a timely, on budget and efficient manner. We are a flexible company that can break down large jobs into phases that work best for our clients, if necessary.

Since we are a family owned company, we have a true passion for every job we touch. We offer superior service with fair prices along with thorough communication to our clients. We bring quality service to match quality results. Our clients’ satisfaction is our highest priority. We won’t leave a job until our customers are happy.

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Recent Projects

Within the gallery you’ll find a variation of colors and different styles that we are capable of producing for you. We communicate thoroughly with our clients to ensure that we provide them with the right results. Our team won’t leave the job until our customers are satisfied with the results. Check out some of our recent projects below!

Byron Patio Broomfinish

Orinda Driveway & Entryway

Discovery Bay Side Driveway


We understand you may have questions regarding our process or inquires for your next project. Our team of qualified experts are here to advise and help design your vision. Don’t see your question answered here? Feel free to send us your question!

What Is The Cost Of Concrete Flat Work?

The cost of concrete flatwork is higher than paving material like asphalt and lower than pavers or brick layouts. Concrete pays off when you factor in how long it will last. The longevity of Concrete is far longer than most alternative materials. Concrete flatwork will not need to be replaced as often and will stay finished longer. If you use pavers or bricks to make flatwork you will have to worry about settling and movement. Concrete is more resilient to weather factors like tree roots and rain damage than pavers.

How Are Your Sidewalks Constructed?

Sidewalks are poured in sections with expansion joints in between them. They typically are not made with rebar reinforcement but rather have an aggregate rock sub-base. Sidewalks are finished flat and can sometimes have a subtle finish to enhance grip and safety when the surface is wet.

Do I Need To Seal My New Concrete Driveway?

You should apply a high-quality sealer to all exterior concrete slabs exposed to freeze-thaw conditions. The sealer helps protect the concrete from moisture absorption, exposure to chemicals, grease and oil stains. On decorative colored concrete, a sealer will also help enhance the color. Sealer should be applied 30 days after initial concrete pour and can be reapplied every 2-4 years.

How Thick Should My Concrete Be Poured?

On average due to expansive soils the minimum thickness is 4”. Though, depending on the weight to be applied to a slab the thickness will increase.

How Long After Concrete Is Poured Can It Be Walked On?

In most general situations, the following day you can walk on the concrete without damage. However, depending on weather conditions and some other variables it can length or shorten this amount of time.

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