What Is Concrete Flatwork?

Concrete flatwork is any surface poured which moves along a horizontal plane. Flatwork surfaces include patios, sidewalks, basements, driveways and every other flat surface. Concrete is the material of choice for flatwork because of how it can shape a flat and even surface perfectly.

Flatwork consists of a frame and a subsoil consisting of either rebar or aggregate material. The substructure should strengthen the concrete and prevent cracks from forming under pressure and age.

Concrete flatwork practitioners should section off first and frame the area where the concrete element is to be located. They make a wood frame which will serve as a mold when the concrete is poured out. Ultimately the mold must be cut off, so it will ensure that the concrete is poured uniformly and smooth at the correct depth, and dryer.


Concrete Flatwork Cost

The cost of concrete flatwork is higher than any other paving substance like asphalt, but it pays off as long as it lasts. Concrete flatwork won’t need to be repaired as often and can remain over longer.

If you make flatwork using pavers or bricks you’ll have to think about settling and movement. The concrete flatwork is more robust than the pavers to factors such as tree roots and rain damage.



Sidewalks are a growing type of flatwork concrete. Sidewalks are poured in sections between them, with expansion joints. These are not usually built of rebar reinforcement, but instead have an aggregate sub-base of wood. Sidewalks are finished flat and, when the surface is wet, can often have a slight finish to improve grip and protection.


Concrete is a perfect choice of materials when building a patio because of the finishing painting and sealing you can do. Either with rebar or cement, concrete patios may be reinforced. The aggregate can be used to keep costs down and for surfaces that fall with the surface of the earth, and the rebar can be used for elevated concrete patios that help to preserve its shape.

Most patios are constructed with pavers or wood to provide a better look, but concrete can be finished with silicone molds to provide various designs. You should check with your local concrete flatwork company about the patterns that they will use.

There’s also a wide variety of sealers that can be added to the concrete to improve the concrete’s color and help protect it from water damage. Instead of staying on the concrete surface like paint does, the concrete stain would flow through the concrete surface and the coat pores. It will cause the surface to lose its traction by painting the concrete instead of staining it, which will let water pool on the surface.



Driveways are designed to withstand the heavy weight of cars and should have joints for expansion to prevent cracking. It is common to see cement driveways in houses as they are poured out with the home’s foundation.

They shape concrete driveways with a frame. The rebar underlay does not require depending on the slope of the driveway. Concrete driveways are a cost-effective material for the road, and can be painted with various colored stains to get the perfect look.


Dumpster Pads 

For commercial and retail buildings, Dumpster pads are an essential feature and require special care and design. To reinforce the surface and allow it to support large quantities of weight, concrete dumpster pads should be built with a rebar. In addition, a dumpster pad should provide drainage to make it easier to clean and to prevent water from accumulating in the field.

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