Grizzly Peak Park has areas for picnicking and playing. It is one of Berkeley’s favorite small neighborhood parks. It has a basketball hoop, a picnic table, a slide, and a sandbox. It was ideal for a quick getaway with our toddler and two dogs. It’s a great place to get together with your neighbors.

Grizzly Peak Park is a 0.23-acre park in Northeast Berkeley, located between Miller and Sterling Avenues. It’s right next to the Berkeley Hills Nursery School and some nice-looking houses.

The park itself has a basketball court, a picnic area with a grill, an obstructed view of San Francisco Bay (there are a lot of trees around, so getting a panorama is difficult), a steel slide, and a sand play area. There are no restrooms, and parking is only available on the street.

This park would be ideal for children. It appears to be well-kept and located in a more affluent area of Berkeley.

It is a beautiful spot to watch the sunset over San Francisco and Oakland. The Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge can be seen. If you don’t feel like hiking, you can just drive up. The weather is also lovely here.

This is a small but well-kept park in the Berkeley hills. There is a small grass area, a small slide and sandbox, one picnic table, a water fountain, dog poop bags, and a barbecue grill. This is ideal for small gatherings. 

On a clear evening, standing on Grizzly Peak Boulevard and watching the sunset go down through the Golden Gate, as well as the really great panoramic view of the Northern Bay, is a must-do for anyone who lives in or visits the Bay Area.

People come to see the sunset and then leave. Stay after the sun goes down. That is when that location shines the brightest. The drive from East Oakland to Berkeley Hills is breathtaking.

Parks are an important part of urban infrastructure, providing opportunities for physical activity, gathering and socializing for families and communities, and providing a simple respite. Active and passive recreation areas can be found in parks. Active recreation is defined as having an urban character and necessitating extensive development. Playgrounds, ball fields, swimming pools, gymnasiums, and skateparks are examples of cooperative or team activities. Passive recreation usually necessitates less management and can be provided at a lower cost than active recreation. Some open space managers provide trails for physical activity such as walking, running, horseback riding, mountain biking, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing, as well as activities such as nature observation, bird watching, painting, photography, or picnicking.

Berkeley, California is blessed with some of the Bay Area’s most beautiful parks.  Here’s a list of our favorites:

  • Codornices Park
  • Aquatic Park
  • Ohlone Park
  • Berkeley Way Mini-Park
  • César E. Chávez Park
  • Willard Park
  • Grove Park
  • Live Oak Park

All of these parks are located just a short distance from our location in downtown Berkeley, at 1935 Addison Street, Suite A!