Commercial Foundation Project

Check out this foundation project for a commercial client in Brentwood, California.

  • Location: Brentwood, California
  • Project Type: Foundation Creation

About this Project

Designing and building a new foundation for a commercial client in Brentwood, California.


We understand you may have questions regarding our process or inquires for your next project. Our team of qualified experts are here to advise and help design your vision. Don’t see your question answered here? Feel free to send us your question!

How Do I Spot Foundation Damage?

Signs of damage can be minor such as gaps or jammed door and windows, or as obvious as sunken floors, large cracks in the ground or walls, and patios that have pulled away from your property. Inadequate drainage or water leaks are among some of the most common causes for foundation damage or failure from the quality of initial foundation installation.

How Much Will A Repair Cost?

The cost of a foundation repair project depends on the scope and severity of the damage. Most of our jobs can be completed within 1 to 4 days and historically the repair will cost significantly less than what homeowners expect. Contact us to arrange a walk-through of your property and will supply you with a detailed quote.

Are Permits Required For All Types Of Projects?

Generally, permits may be required according to the local regulations of the jurisdiction in which the work is being completed and other times with minor repairs may not be necessary. Contact your local building department to determine when a permit is required. Our company is familiar with this process and can assist with advice in many cities.

To Build A New Foundation What Type Of Soil Do I Have And What Does It Mean?

The type of soil your home or commercial foundation will be placed on determines the type of pier that is best for that area. Spaulding Concrete doesn’t believe in a one size approach to foundations. One reason is that there are several different soil types in California. Another is because the scope of every foundation is unique. We will run a soil analysis to determine which type of stabilization is best suited for your particular soil and foundation.

Why Is Your Stabilization Plan The Best For My Situation?

When we make an assessment on your foundation, will design your plan based on what is right for your property not just a general answer approach. We offer all types of appropriate solutions, including pressed concrete, steel piers, drilled piers, drainage, soil analysis, grading, pier and beam understructure work and retaining walls.