Do You Need a Brushed Concrete Driveway? Take Our Quiz to Find Out

Do you need a driveway renovation? This could be for many reasons, but one reason may be to make your property more attractive. If this is the case, you might consider getting a new concrete driveway. But before you do, take our quiz to find out if there are any other options that would work better for you! 

Read on to learn more about what a brushed concrete driveway is and how it can benefit your home today!

Can I afford it? 

At first glance yes, but be prepared for the extra expense of yearly sealer applications at least every other year.

How do I feel about upkeep?

You can expect to pay approx $75-$150 per year on sealer depending on the quality you choose and how long it lasts before needing reapplication.

What is my time worth? 

If you are looking at this type of driveway, then your time isn’t that valuable OR you have no choice in the matter because of your condo or townhome community association standards or whatever reason applies there.

Do I want something different than what everyone else has? 

Yes – so brushing concrete is what YOU should go with!

How much space do I have? 

You can get an estimate on how much area this concrete finish will cover at the 2 links below, but if you are ambitious be sure to go with a professional’s help so you don’t have excess material on your hands that is costly to dispose of or return for a refund.

How long do I want this driveway? 

10 years on average. So think of longevity when choosing sealer over colorants in the concrete mix since many color additives fade within 3-4 years, no matter what kind of expensive pigment was used in the batch.

What type of vehicle will I be driving and parking on my new driveway? 

Only light-duty vehicles – nothing taller than approx half a foot (the thickness of two stacked bricks) due to the porosity in this type of finish.

Is there a local company I can call for help? 

Yes – here are 2 links below that will provide you with suppliers and installers in your area, but be sure to do your homework about references and warranties before signing anything or spending money. Brush concrete is also known as stamped overlay by some makers/sellers, so don’t let that confuse you during search results or evaluations.

What advice or pleading do my neighbors have regarding their own experiences with brush concrete? 

They may love it or hate it, depending on how often they have to clean off excess sealer stains from the driveway while re-coating every other year.

Do I want my driveway to have color added to the concrete mix? 

If so, you will need to apply a sealer first before adding it – so think about budgeting for everything first. Some sellers may not mention this part once they have your business, but if paying someone else to install it on your behalf maybe that is why some may be “cheaper” than others – like anything else in life.

How much time do I want to spend cleaning off excess sealer stains? 

This will depend on how often you keep up with recoating it every two years (which is the industry average) and what kind of brush or broom type implement will you use around your patio furniture, garden areas, and garage entryways.

How important is a shiny finish to me? 

It’s not really about the shine, but more so how easy it is for you or someone who does work on your home to clean up stains from sealer that has prematurely dried onto concrete surfaces around your driveway – whether it be from brushing with broom strokes in one direction or from just general daily use of the area.

Pleasant Hill Remodel Stamped Concrete Project

Do I have enough money saved up each year to pay for re-sealing every other year? 

This will depend on what kind of budget you set aside and how much time and energy you want to spend taking care of your brush concrete textured driveway, but also remember that many HOA’s may not allow this type of finish, even if it’s only to certain areas of the complex.

Will I have a difficult time reselling my home with a brush concrete finish? 

Maybe – that depends on how long you plan on being there or what neighborhood your home resides in and whether other specifiers choose the same type of finish for their homes as well.

Can I afford to pay someone else to install it myself instead? 

This may be a good idea if you have another project going at the same time so you can leverage those savings from having multiple contractors come out to do work at once, but this is something best left up to choice and personal preference after doing some comparison pricing for quotes from available sources below.

Are You Looking for a Company to Build a Brushed Concrete Driveway for Your Home?

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