What is Brushed Concrete & Why You’ll Love it for Your Driveway

Brushed concrete is a type of poured concrete finish. After it has been poured, the concrete is brushed with a stiff-bristled broom, giving it a rougher surface than smooth finished concrete. Brushed concrete is also one of the most cost-effective options, making it an excellent choice for those on a tight budget.

  • Ideal Use

Brushed concrete is a versatile and popular choice for driveways, walkways, stairwells, and patios.

Because the rough texture of brushed concrete adds traction, it’s ideal for wet areas, such as a patio near a swimming pool. Slips and falls can be avoided with the added traction.

  • Maintenance and Lifespan

Brushed concrete is a low-maintenance option that does not require routine maintenance. It can frequently last 30-40 years.

What kind of styles to choose from?

Concrete may appear simple at first glance, but there are numerous options for personalizing it. This can include using different colors or enhancing the look with stylized applications of stones to separate concrete slabs. Take a look at some of the style options available below:

  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete

The term “exposed aggregate concrete” refers to concrete that incorporates natural stones, such as pebbles, into the top layer of poured concrete. The end result is a classic look with unrivaled durability. Also ideal for surfaces that require a little more traction.

  • Brushed Concrete with Color

Integral color adds a dynamic twist to basic gray brushed concrete. You can look through the colors available here to find the perfect brushed concrete color to complement the color of your home and highlight your landscape.

If you’re considering a broom finish for your concrete, here are the pros and cons:


  • Slip-resistant
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to do
  • Durable


  • Can be too rough on bare feet
  • Not as decorative as other finishes
  • May trap dirt and debris
  • Can cause color variations


When it comes to brooming, timing is everything—brushing too early and the surface will be weak; brush too late and there will be insufficient texture. It must be done while the slab is still soft but after the bleed water has been removed. This can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 4 hours depending on the weather.

Every contractor has a different method for determining when to broom concrete. Some wait until their finger doesn’t leave an imprint on the surface, while others simply know it’s ready by how the broom feels when pulled across it.


The typical process for a broom finish is:

  • Pour the slab
  • Strike off with a screed
  • Bull float
  • Wait for the bleed water to evaporate
  • Trowel
  • Broom the Surface
  • Cure the concrete

A good broom finish is an art form. Broomed finishes can be successfully dyed and stained with dyes and stains. You can also use the broom texture to create decorative effects by sweeping it in different directions. Typically, the broom should be moved from one side of the concrete to the other without stopping. Pull the broom towards you, then lift it and set it back on the far side to pull it across again with a standard broom.

    Discovery Bay Side Driveway


    Brooms can be obtained from a variety of sources. They are available in a variety of widths, and the block that holds the bristles is made of wood, aluminum, or plastic. Brooms are frequently wet, and the plastic blocks (high-density polyethylene) will not rot or warp. Bristle materials, which can be horsehair, polypropylene, or nylon, come in a variety of stiffnesses and sizes to produce a variety of textures. Wire combs are available to produce tined finishes for extreme textures.

    Marion Brush manufactures a brush (the Auto Glide) in which the head automatically tilts to the correct angle, allowing you to achieve a good broom finish whether you push or pull the broom.

    Marion Brush Co. is a company that specializes in concrete brooms. According to Gary Bolden, president of Marion’s Chameleon concrete broom, “there are a lot of variables in getting a good broom finish: the slump of the concrete, the weather (sun, wind), and the timing. Every contractor has a tendency to do a slab in their own way. Some might broom sooner than others. Some may pour and broom finish and use a softer brush so they can get on the slab sooner.” The color-coded inserts are available in five different textures, ranging from supersoft to rough.

    Marion’s concrete brushes are made of 612 nylon, which Bolden admits is one of the most expensive broom materials, but which he claims will outlast other materials by 3 or 4 times. Another advantage of this nylon is that it retains its cleanliness during use and has a memory. No, it can’t remember your phone number, but if the bristles become bent, you can pour boiling water on them and they’ll straighten out.

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