What Is The Purpose Of A House Foundation?

What is a Foundation in Construction?

The foundation is the lowest part of the building or the civil structure in direct contact with the soil, which safely transfers loads from the structure to the soil. Generally, the foundation can be divided into two, namely a shallow foundation and a deep foundation.

A shallow foundation transfers the load to a stratum present at a shallow depth. The deep foundation shifts the load to a deeper depth below the surface of the ground.

A tall building like a skyscraper or a building built on a very weak soil requires a deep foundation. If the constructed building has a plan to be extended vertically in the future, a deep foundation must be suggested.


What is the Main Purpose of a Foundation?

Foundations are provided for all load-bearing structures for the following purposes:

  • The foundation is the main reason for the stability of any structure. The stronger the foundation, the more stable the structure.
  • The proper design and construction of the foundations provide the proper surface for the development of the substructure on a proper level and over a firm bed.
  • The specially designed foundation helps to avoid lateral movements of the supporting material.
  • The proper foundation uniformly distributes the load on the surface of the bed. This uniform transfer helps to avoid unequal settlement of the building. Differential settlement is an undesired building effect.
  • The foundation serves the purpose of completely distributing the load from the structure to the large base area and then to the ground below. This load transferred to the soil should be within the allowable load capacity of the soil.


How are the Building Foundations done?

Building a good foundation requires a lot more than digging a hole and pouring some concrete into shapes. It must be tailored to its site as a custom suit, taking into account soil conditions , water tables and the quality of the backfill.

And as with a custom suit, every detail must be perfect: the base properly compacted, the formwork set right, the concrete free of voids. Neglect even one of these, and the most carefully poured foundation may fail.


Why House Foundations Fail?

  • Non-porous backfill. Soils loaded with clay or organic matter hold water like a sponge, increasing the risk of cracking when the soil freezes and expands.
  • Rushing down the cure. Concrete must be cured slowly to achieve proper strength (usually 3,000 psi). Keep it moist for at least three days, wrapping it in plastic, foaming with water, and other techniques.
  • Insufficient compaction. If the slab is poured over crushed stone that has not been firmly stamped, it is likely to settle or crack. Interrupting the pour. A concrete form should be filled in one go. If you stop and come back the next day to finish the work, there will be a “cold joint” between the fresh concrete and yesterday’s work, which is likely to crack and leak.

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