Why Are Concrete Foundations Important?

Concrete foundations are used in most of the buildings to ensure that they can be built. Houses, commercial buildings, and everything in between are built as soon as a concrete foundation is laid. Concrete has been used for foundations for more than a century, when the builders realized how it could be used to secure the construction of a building in the future.

Concrete foundations are available in three types: T-shaped, slab-on-grade and frost protected. Let’s look at each of them and see what they can do about a building.


T-shaped is one of the most common types of concrete foundation, offering production in areas of the world where the ground freezes. Once the frost line is found in the ground, the walls are added to the top, allowing for an extra layer of support for the concrete foundation. The T-shaped foundation is laid as soon as the walls are placed, then the concrete is poured between the walls.


Slab-on-grade is another type of concrete foundation that uses a single layer of concrete, usually a few inches thick. This slab is poured much thicker on its edges to create a base. Reinforced rods help to strengthen the edges and sit on crushed gravel for drainage. The wire mesh is cast into the concrete to help prevent cracking. Slab-on – grade concrete foundations can handle frozen conditions with insulation.

Frost Protected

Frost protected foundations are specifically designed for the management of heated structures. It uses two insulation sheets, usually polysystrene-based, to help prevent freezing. This insulation is used on the outside of the foundation wall while a gravel bed is used on the other side. This helps keep the heat in and helps it rise through the building, even in the coldest of days.

Benefits of Concrete Foundations

When you choose between the types of foundation you want for your new home, you often come across a number of types of concrete foundations. What’s the point of choosing one over the other? There are a few aspects that should be considered when selecting between different foundations. Typically, poured concrete foundations are found in most homes and buildings. Unlike a massive building or structure, the poured concrete is more than enough to serve as a foundation. They offer concrete contractors with stronger, drier, and better materials to work with. They also offer better performance that block walls simply can not match at a reasonable price.The lack of needing to repair your foundation leaves room for the homeowner to improve other areas of their home.

Maintenance Free

As a result of its resistance to rot and decay, virtually no maintenance needs to be performed on poured concrete foundations. They’ve got a longer life span compared to the block. Homeowners do not have to deal with maintenance issues that other types of foundations eventually require. Overall, the homeowner does not have to worry about calling a specific contractor for any warranty issues.


Protecting one’s home ranges from unnatural land shifts to water damage protection and fire protection, which are more likely to happen than abnormal land shifts. Increased strength, density and joint-free construction of poured concrete walls dramatically reduces problems with basement water and prevents possible leakage. Compared to the hallow core of a concrete block, the solid wall protects against walls much better. Since the concrete foundation is also fire resistant, it helps to contain the fire, giving the owner the opportunity to evacuate the premises before the fire grows.


The poured concrete foundations have an exceptional strength , making them the preferred choice for homeowners. They have a compressive and flexiural strength beyond that of block concrete, which exceeds the mandatory safety factor. Concrete walls are exceptionally stable, providing increased sustenance and firmness to the home. Unlike other types of foundations, they do not move under the house by moving the soil. Due to its durability, the most commonly used building material for the foundation is poured concrete.

Poured concrete foundation has a multitude of advantages over block concrete and other types of foundations. A sustainable foundation means a much safer home, resilient to unnatural changes in the soil underneath the home. Protection from potential water damage and fire damage is a plus since they can occur more frequently than abnormal land shifts. In the absence of the need to maintain your concrete foundation, you will have more time to worry about more important areas in your home that need your attention. Overall, for all the benefits they provide for the home, poured concrete foundations are preferred.

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