A Practical Guide To Choosing Your ADU Contractor

If you’re considering adding an ADU to your property, you need to make sure you hire the right contractor. But how do you know who’s right for the job? The decision is not only expensive but also irreversible due to zoning laws in most cities. This article will walk through what questions to ask and how to vet a candidate before signing on the dotted line.

They Must Have Proper Certifications And Licenses

Choosing your ADU contractor is more than choosing someone with a good reputation. You need to make sure they are qualified to do the job. Most cities have very strict regulations regarding accessory dwelling units, so you want someone who knows exactly what’s required for permitting and construction in your city. The last thing you want is building delays because of zoning issues or lack of certification on behalf of the builder!

The ADU Contractor’s Work Experience Is Important

A contractor’s experience can make the difference between a smooth-sailing ADU and one that has problems. If you’re choosing an ADU builder, ask them how many ADUs they’ve built in the past, what types of designs they typically use, and whether or not they have any references from other homeowners to show off their work.

Some argue choosing an experienced ADU contractor is less risky. A company that has been around for numerous years would have already encountered any problems or issues with building a house in your backyard and will be able to avoid these scenarios the second time around. Although it’s not impossible for new contractors to build an accessory dwelling unit, you might want to stick with those who are more familiar with the process instead of risking having something go wrong during construction which could result in extra costs down the line.

Look For References

When choosing between two different professionals, references may come as quite useful so you know what other people thought about their services. The way to find out whether someone was satisfied with the job done is to ask for some references. In this way, you can contact previous customers and inquire about their experience in order to compare different companies and make your decision easier.

ADU Contractors Needs To Be Well-Versed About Local Codes And Ordinances

When it comes to choosing the best ADU contractor for your project, they need to have a good knowledge of local codes and ordinances. Not only will this help them build what you want in accordance with regulations, but also keep costs down by ensuring that all materials used are adequate for the job at hand. Plus, having a professional who is well versed in the rules and regulations of your area will ensure that you are not surprised by any hidden fees or expenses later on.

Check To See If An ADU Contractor Has A Procedure In Place

ADU contractors should be able to give you a rough timeline of the construction process and how long it will take them. If they can’t, that might mean they don’t have much experience with ADUs since there are some specific requirements on when permits need to get approved by your local government. You want someone who has extensive knowledge about zoning laws in your area and where you live because choosing an experienced contractor is key for success.

Plus if you hire a company without any ADU projects under their belt then you risk getting low-quality results or even facing fraud – both scenarios could seriously hurt your chances of ever being allowed to build another accessory dwelling unit in the future! So make sure whoever builds yours knows what they’re doing.

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    Open Communication With An ADU Contractor Is Essential

    Open communication with an ADU contractor is essential to choosing the right person for your project. You should expect a lot of questions from them, and always be ready to answer every single one! Your answers can help them determine if they’re actually capable of building your unit or not. 

    They might have some knowledge about what you want, but you know better than anyone else exactly how it has to look at this very moment in time – which means that only you are qualified enough to provide accurate information regarding all necessary details required by state regulations.

    When choosing your ADU contractor, you need to make sure that the company keeps in contact with you throughout the entire process. You should receive regular updates on where they are at during construction and what stage of completion they have reached. If a builder isn’t communicative about their progress, it may be time to find another one who offers better customer service.

    You’ve found the perfect spot for your ADU, but now you need to find a contractor. When choosing an architect or builder, it is important that they have all of their proper certifications and licenses in order to work on the construction site. Make sure that any potential contractors are well-versed about local codes and ordinances as this may affect how long the project will take to complete. And finally, make sure there is open communication between yourself and the contractor so both parties know what expectations each has from one another during this process. Choosing an ADU contractor can be tricky if you don’t follow these steps – let us help! We’ll guide you through every step of building your new home with our expert team.

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