How Energy Efficient Are Concrete Walls?

It’s no secret that we live in a world where energy is finite and we need to make every effort to reduce our consumption. In the construction industry, this means making buildings more energy-efficient. One way of doing this is by installing concrete walls. Concrete walls are an excellent option for insulating a building because they have a high thermal mass which helps regulate indoor temperatures from external sources such as wind or sun and because their thickness can help keep heat in during the winter months when it’s cold outside.

For Better Energy Efficiency, Use Concrete Thermal Mass

In the summer, concrete walls help keep a house cool because of its heat storage capacity (thermal mass). In addition to this feature, it also has excellent thermal stability since they are built directly onto the soil and at a constant temperature.

With concrete walls, a sustainable house can be made affordable. This is because it lowers the energy required for heating and cooling while enhancing home thermal comfort which ultimately results in an environmentally friendly housing option that will save you money on your monthly utility bills!

Concrete Has A Built-in Capacity To Store Heat

Concrete can store a lot of heat and that’s why it has an advantage over other materials in this regard. However, when used for passive solar architecture concrete also provides excellent insulation which helps lower the energy needed by building occupants while preserving their comfort levels!

Concrete Walls Function As A Big Cooling Factor In The Heat Of Summer  

The earth’s near-constant low temperature helps the wall, which can enhance thermal comfort by absorbing radiant heat from the inhabitants and appliances. When concrete internal walls and insulated concrete external walls are utilized, the house’s heat storage capacity is increased, allowing it to react more slowly to outside temperature changes and lowering the need for energy to maintain a suitable interior temperature.

    • Save time and money with less energy being spent
    • Increase your home’s heating ability in the winter

When Heating Is Necessary For The Winter, Thermal Mass Will Assist In Keeping A Home Warm While Reducing Heating Energy Usage 

Heat is absorbed by the thermal mass during the day and gently released at night when the outside temperature is higher than the comfort threshold. To prevent heat loss on such cold winter days, keep all windows and doors closed.

    • Utilizes renewable energy sources
    • Heat is absorbed by the thermal mass during the day and gently released at night when the outside temperature is higher than the comfort threshold. 
    • Reduce heating energy usage

In theory, the living space is best suited to take advantage of concrete’s thermal mass by orienting homes in a way that maximizes solar energy. Homeowners should consider utilizing shades and canopies during the summer months as well as drapes or other similar structures for protection from direct sunlight throughout colder seasons.

Pleasant Hill Remodel Stamped Concrete Project

Concrete Walls Provide An Effective Way To Create A Tight Thermal Envelope, Saving Energy 

According to the Portland Cement Association research conducted on residential buildings with concrete structures versus wood-framed ones showed that they can save up five-nine percent more in comparison for homes equipped with these types of construction material and also have less draftiness as well as greater consistency when it comes down temperature distribution throughout your house compared to other materials like vinyl siding or stucco.

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Keep the temperature steady throughout the house
  • Create a tighter, more insulated air space with concrete walls
  • Concrete is a durable material that won’t wear down over time

The bottom line is that concrete walls are energy efficient. If you’re considering a change in the construction of your home, call us today to discuss what type of wall material will work best for your needs!

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