How Expensive Are Poured Concrete Walls?

Are you considering pouring the exterior of your home with concrete? If so, it’s important that you understand how much this type of construction costs.  It’s no secret that pouring a wall is more expensive than drywall or plywood, but just how much does it cost to pour a wall? While this is more expensive than other types of exterior wall options like wood siding or vinyl panels, there are many benefits to consider as well! For example, poured walls can last 50 years or more and have excellent resistance to fire and insects. Plus they provide an extra layer of insulation that can improve your comfort and save you money on utilities!

Poured concrete walls are a popular solution for residential and commercial construction. They offer many benefits, including being durable, energy-efficient, and providing excellent soundproofing. The cost of poured concrete walls varies depending on the size of the wall being built as well as if they are being used inside or outside. 

The cost of your poured concrete wall is influenced by a number of factors. The most obvious ones are size and thickness, as they will influence how much material you’ll need for the final product; other things like location can also impact it but only slightly at most because there’s such an array in what exactly influences pricing—size comes first though, so if those two points match up then go from there!

How Expensive Is It?

The cost of hiring a mason to install concrete walls can be $40-50 per linear foot, but it will increase your expenditures significantly. Some homeowners prefer this experience and pay up for quality workmanship in their homes!

Concrete costs vary a lot depending on where you live and when you buy it. The cost of ready-mixed concrete per cubic yard (3’x3’x3′) ranges from $65 to $90. A 9’x27’x12” thick wall would require 9 cubic feet of concrete. To aid in the solidification of a concrete wall, a reinforcing metal bar, or rebar, is used. Rebar will cost between $10 and $15 per cubic yard of concrete.

Depending on the contractor you select, labor expenses will vary. Some contractors use reused concrete forms to construct walls, which helps them save money. Other contractors create concrete wall forms from scratch for each job, which raises the price significantly.

What Are The Factors That Affect Costs?

1. Dimensions Of The Wall

This is one of the most crucial and decisive elements that should be considered. The overall cost can be affected by the length, height, and thickness of the wall. This is because a wall that is longer, higher, and thicker consumes more resources and is thus more expensive.

2. Type Of Cement To Be Used

Concrete walls are often made of poured, or wet-mixed concrete. There’s the option to use ready mix cement which comes in many varieties that offer different qualities such as durability and resistance against water damage; not all types perform well for every project though so you’ll want expert guidance before making your decision on what type will work best with yours!

Pleasant Hill Remodel Stamped Concrete Project

3. Steel Reinforcements

To make your concrete walls even stronger, you can reinforce them with steel. This will be more durable and less prone to buckling than a wall that isn’t reinforced at all! You’ll also have an easier time maintaining it in the long run because of how much effort goes into keeping up good quality workmanship on these projects- not only do they look better but their durability has been proven over time.

4. Contractor Rates

Contractors are always looking for new clients, so be sure that you do your research before choosing who will build or remodel your home. It’s important to know what each contractor offers and how much their services cost as this can determine whether they’re the right fit based on both budget constraints and requirements such as the size of the project desired.

5. Location, Location, Location!

You may have heard that places with sloping or steep terrain are more expensive. The reason for this is because before you can start wall installation, the ground has to be leveled and prepared for construction equipment such as diggers and rollers; it also costs more money in wages when workers need training on how best to use these tools efficiently during their workday.

It’s important to take the time and effort it takes for a little research before you choose your contractor. This is crucial, not just in order to get a fair price but also because sometimes people don’t always know what they want when there are so many options available! That being said – make sure to ask about their experience with wall construction during any evaluations or consultations; this could be something really helpful down the line and try getting different estimates too from different companies.

If you are looking for poured concrete walls, don’t worry about the cost. We will make sure that your budget is met and we won’t sacrifice quality. Call us today to get started!

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