Danville South Park, one of several parks in Danville, CA, has long been known as the ‘hidden gem’ in Town, because it is nestled behind tall walls that keep it hidden from the pedestrians on Camino Ramon. In 2013, a project was initiated to remove the walls, replace them with a split rail fence and redesign the park to make it more accessible to the public. The project was finished and the park was redeveloped in 2014. It’s a beautiful community park with a playroom in the lawn, playgrounds and basketball courts. A small picnic area makes it the ideal spot for a small family outing or a nice lunch.

It can be difficult to find this famous park. It’s tucked away in the southern Danville suburbs just east of I-680. Danville South is a small park with a lawn field, playgrounds, swings and a small sandy area.

Large trees around the area can leave it beautifully shaded in the mornings. Its completely fenced exterior isolates it, preventing toddlers from wandering away. There are benches and a snacks table or lunch in the park.

This park is ideal at any time of the year it is insulated in the winter and provides some shade in the summer. The toilets in this park are portable. Reservations are not approved for this park, use of the picnic table is the first to arrive, first to serve.

Danville South Park is a lovely gem on Camino Ramon in Danville, CA. Recently redesigned, it offers playground, picnic and basketball facilities. Good, peaceful little park. Great place to rest for a little while with small children as a playground is small. Pleasant green area for sports, picnic or some limited kite flying. Not the same facilities as larger parks, but a lovely community park.

One of Danville’s longest running parks, Danville South on Camino Ramon, was redesigned earlier this year as part of a beautification project. You may have never seen Danville’s South Park in 1885, Camino Ramon, which was surrounded by walls that had obscured the area until recently. Danville residents are invited to come and enjoy one of Danville’s secret gems on Sept. 25 as a rededication ceremony for Danville South Park takes place.

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All of these beautiful parks are located just a short distance from our location in downtown Walnut Creek, Spaulding Concrete on Locust Street!