Are California Homes Earthquakes Safe?

Earthquakes shake the soil on which we reside but also cause earth ruptures, slides, and even fluid soils. There is a certain possibility of earthquakes in every area of California, but some risks may be mitigated. California – including the county of Los Angeles – is filled with faults. The risk of damages in a quake also rises living above or adjacent to faults. Some areas are also prone to liquefaction. The earthquake will contribute to land behaving like fast sand, which can cause the soil to collapse. This can occur where there is loose sand or silt in the land and groundwater. It is possible.

A program to support the residents to protect their home against earthquake damage was developed by the California Earthquake Authority and the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services in 2015. Their Brace & Bolt Earthquake Program provides homeowners with a refurbishment sum up to $3,000 and costs an average of between $3,000 and $5,000. The service will only apply for those types of homes in selected ZIP codes. Registration opened on Tuesday, and homeowners could apply for a grant until February 23rd.

The Earthquake Authority in California this year has given $6 million to fund additional 2,000 or more seismic retrofits in accordance with the law.This year, the programme’s coverage was extended to 17 other cities, to a total of 51. A full list of ZIP codes is available.

More than 1,2 million homes in California’s high-risk areas are vulnerable, according to the CEA, to earthquakes. Typical buildings were constructed before 1979. 

Homes with retrofits are eligible for CEA earthquake premium discounts of up to 20 percent. You would get homeowners’ insurance if you have a mortgage. However, you have no earthquake insurance to obtain. By California law, fire damage from, or following, an earthquake is covered by homeowners insurance.

Houses that usually meet the criteria are:

  • Designed before 1979, wood-frame.
  • Designed on a low or high pitch.
  • Designed with a paralyzing wall under 7 feet or less on the first floor.
  • Designed on an elevated platform.


Here are some things you can do to prepare for an earthquake.

  • Garage: Air heater collar. Electric heater. If a heater drops during a shake, a fire may be produced or an emergency water supply could be lost. Store in lower, child-proof cabinets caustic and inflammable materials such as gas cans, paints and weed killers. Know how to unlock the doors manually.
  • Kitchen: Avoidance of accidents and damage by installing child-resistant lugs on top cabinet doors. Kitchen equipment: Rem on hand with a fire extinguisher.
  • Catering: Protect decorative items with wax or floral clay. Set the locks on the doors of the cabinet.
  • Living room: Secure large wall paintings and libraries. Secure TV. High quality TV.
  • Bedrooms: Transfer beds under windows if they have them. Don’t hang over the headboard paintings or other heavy objects. Ensure that the ceiling ventilator bolts to a rafter tightly. Sit there and cover your head with a pillow when an earthquake hits you while you’re in bed.

Bathroom: Shop flame retardants on the bottom shelves, like nail polish. Following a tremor, fill tubs and sinks with water in emergencies, especially if you need to leave without your pets.

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