Can I Get A Warranty For My Concrete Driveway?

Many contractors can guarantee their service, and you can receive an extended warranty (three years or longer) through your state-specific organization, such as the Michigan Concrete Association’s Six Star Driveway system. Contractors and concrete suppliers involved in the program commit to meet all construction requirements and quality-control guidelines, and to correct any issues that occur due to their negligence for the duration of the warranty.

Outer Limited Concrete Warranty

Restricted warranty: There will be no “Major Splitting,” “Major Scaling and Spalling” or “Major Popout” for 2 years, beginning from the closing of your home due to defective materials or workmanship. All concrete must be 6 bag mix 4000psi, Air Entrained for this warranty to be successful.

Definitions: “Other concrete outside” involves patios, sidewalks, and other flat exterior work. ‘Major cracking’ means cracks that are more than 1⁄4 inch wide: * in total length, more than 30 percent of the length of all joints in your driveway or other outside concrete; or * in either section, the total length is more than 30 percent of the panel’s perimeter. “Major scaling and spalling” means any significant surface disintegration that occurs at the surface of the driveway or other outside concrete covering more than: * 10% of the surface area of your driveway or other outside concrete; or * 25% of any section of your driveway or other outside concrete.”Big Pop out” means more than 50 conical breakouts of broken bits of aggregate per 100 square feet in the concrete soil.

Exclusions: This restricted warranty does not extend to damage resulting from *abuse of your driveway or other outside concrete *not for any reason other than residential purposes *fire, flood, earthquake, faulty subsurface or other act of God * modifying areas near your driveway or other outside concrete in such a way that drainage or water leakage undermines your driveway or other outside concrete * * Contact with your driveway or other outside concrete and vehicles, foreign objects, animals or persons (other than contractors) during the 3 day span after installation of your driveway or other outside concrete * Cracks other than major cracks * discoloration or stains * any settlement or change from installation. In addition, the color uniformity of a driveway or other outside concrete can differ within the same pour, or when repaired or replaced. This warranty doesn’t guarantee color uniformity.

Remedy: A. If you believe you have Substantial Cracking on your driveway or other exterior concrete. You will inform your Contractor in writing of Major Scaling and Spalling, or Major Pop outs due to faulty materials or workmanship.


  1. Inspection: After your Contractor receives notice, your Contractor or representative must inspect your driveway or other exterior concrete within 30 days to decide whether Significant Cracking, Significant Scaling and Spalling or Major Pop Out has occurred due to defective materials or workmanship.
  2. Repair or replacement: If Major Cracking, Major Scaling or Spalling or Major Pop out, which is the subject of the notice, occurs within 2 years from the date of completion due to defective materials or workmanship, the Major Cracking, Major Scaling or Spalling or Major Pop outs must either be fixed or the damaged portion of your driveway or the exterior concrete will be replaced. This will be offered to the homeowner, at no expense.

Your Contractor has the right to choose between fixing or replacing.

Disagreement: If you and Contractor can not agree on any item relating to the implementation of this Limited Warranty, you and the Contractor agree to abide by the following dispute resolution procedure: the Better Business Bureau of N.E shall apply their disagreement to either party. Indiana must make arbitration binding. An Arbitration Tribunal shall consist of three (3) persons. Such three (3) individuals are chosen for an Arbitration Tribunal by the standard rules of the Better Business Bureaux. The Arbitration Tribunal will hear the dispute and will make a verdict. Both parties consent to abide by the Arbitration Panel’s decision and to make the decision final.

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