This place has a lot to offer if you’re a family with kids. You will see why it attracts families to it. It has a walking / running track, a football field, a baseball field, a playground, a basketball court, etc. They have adult soccer teams that still compete on the field, as well as games for girls. There are several different trails, and for a nice workout and an unforgettable view, you can climb up the hillside. In the middle of it, there is a lake and a fountain that is nice. There’s plenty of parking and picnic tables on which you can also hang out.

Take the trail behind the soccer field to get to the lake. There are several roads, but after about ten minutes, Lake Will is on your left. A lot of green algae, but as you go along, it gets better. You can find more flatlands / bench / people fishing on the other side when you can see the fountain. This is a pleasant spot, like a park, a walk, a peaceful place.

This is the perfect place to have a birthday party for your child, or bring your family for a picnic, take the dog for a stroll, or get some regular exercise like a lot people are trying to do. There are always families around Hidden Valley / Lakes and dog owners out and about, so it always feels really safe.

It’s most beautiful when the winter / spring grass is lush, but at any time of year it’s still a peaceful and rejuvenating location.

If you are up for a nature hiking experience, you can either take the Cardiac Climb straight up to the park’s highest point and see Mt. Diablo and beyond the Bay (as has been said, the first steep ten feet of this climb have yet to be conquered) if you decide on a leisurely afternoon walk down to the ‘hidden lakes’ you can see beautiful butterflies, lady bugs, hear wrens chirping, and even hear a wrens chirping.

A few people were seen fishing but didn’t see any catches. They have seen the warnings of no swimming but have seen a few children wading in the tiny gravel beach of the lower lakes as they frolic on their motorized sailboats.

Whether you’re just hiking for fun or an extreme workout, the hills are great for people who enjoy hiking. There are several hills, some of which are steeper than others.

Hidden Lakes Park is 26-acre land located on Chilpancingo Parkway, Morello Lane. You will see a basketball court, two ballfields, Multi-use area, sand volleyball court, jogging track, concession house, toilet, two play areas, routes to and from Secret Valley Park and the shore, and a wide parking lot. Their picnic areas are a first come first serve basis.

Image courtesy of Jeffreymendel Jeffrey Nash – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

After visiting the John Muir National Historic Site in Martinez, California, make sure to stop by these other gems:

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  • The Cobra Experience – Museum & Event Space
  • Mt Wanda
  • Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline
  • Radke Martinez Regional Shoreline Park
  • Barrel Aged Cocktail Bar at Barrelista
  • Roxx On Main
  • Five Suns Brewing

All of these secret spots are located just a short distance from our location in downtown Walnut Creek, Spaulding Concrete at 1461 Locust Street!