How Can I Improve The Looks Of My Concrete Retaining Wall?

In gardens and landscapes, retaining walls can be seen almost everywhere. You might even have one in your own backyard. What is the concept of a retaining wall? 

The aim of a retaining wall is to keep soil behind it while there is none on the other side. The retaining wall must be dependable and long-lasting, as the strain behind such a wall can be enormous due to the amount of soil and moisture that accumulates there. Since retaining walls have to hold back a lot of land and water, they need a lot of expertise and experience before they can be built.

Preparation Tips

If you want to paint your concrete walls to give them a more appealing look, you must first prepare them. With a paint scraper and a wire brush, scrape off old, flaking paint, then vacuum up the flakes. Clean the wall with mild soap and water; for rough stains, apply ammonia and a stronger soap. Allow the wall to dry for a day or two before using hydraulic cement to fill in any cracks or holes. Allow the cement to cure according to the manufacturer’s instructions before starting your project.

  • Stucco – Apply a layer of stucco to exterior concrete walls, such as retaining walls, to produce a textured look. If desired, add a “cover” to the top of the wall by using the appropriate adhesive to adhere small slabs of smooth, natural stone to the wall top. As stucco is applied to a concrete wall, it helps the wall hold less water and absorb moisture more quickly. A concrete wall can be covered with stucco. Any old paint, however, must be cleaned first.

  • Mural – Create a mural on an exterior or interior concrete wall, such as one in a basement rec room or a child’s playroom. Create a mural that corresponds to the theme of the space, such as a “under the sea” mural in a child’s room or a landscape mural in a den. You may also make a set of designs or patterns, or invite family members to participate and make their own “section” on the wall.

  • Veneer – Apply thin slices of brick or stone, or concrete shaped to look like stone or brick, to a dull surface to add interest. You can get a traditional look for a fraction of the price of traditional mortared masonry.

  • Masonry – Stone, brick, or concrete-block walls are solid and long-lasting when properly drained. These products are available at stone yards and home centers, but they will almost definitely require the services of a mason to build. Mortared walls require weep holes to alleviate soil pressure and are supported by a rebar-reinforced concrete footing placed below the frost line. Only a crushed-stone footing is needed for mortar-free dry-stacked stone retaining walls.

Other Ideas

You may also use a drill and anchor hooks specially made for hanging objects on concrete and other hard surfaces to hang pictures and images on the walls. Large art pieces or a series of landscape images may be hung, as can black and white family photos or photos showing a family holiday or case. Children’s artwork can be framed and hung on concrete walls, or favorite quotations written in calligraphy-style penmanship can be framed and hung on concrete walls.

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