How Can I Make My Basement Walls Look Better?

The basement is often a forgotten space in your home, but it doesn’t have to be! Making your basement walls look better doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many things you can do to make the space more inviting and comfortable. Here are some ideas for spicing up the walls of your basement:

Make Your Basement Walls Look Better with Paint

Painting is a cost-effective way of enhancing your basement walls. If you are painting the rest of your house, then it’s best not to do anything more than touch up the paint here and there on the basement walls. However, if this is an area that needs sprucing up entirely, use light colors to make them look brighter and fresher. Avoid dark or deep shades to keep these areas from looking too gloomy when entering the room.

  • A chance to beautify your basement
  • Choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns
  • Add an accent piece to any wall or corner
  • Doesn’t ruin the integrity of your basement walls

Make Your Basement Walls Look Better With Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be used as another option for making your basement walls nicer looking without having to repaint everything! Be sure that any wallpaper you use is not too busy or it will make your space seem smaller. Matching the wallpaper to what you have on other walls in the house can help this room feel more cohesive and less like a forgotten, dark corner of your home.

  • Easy to install
  • Needs no paint or carpeting
  • Super affordable


Make Your Basement Walls Look Better With Textures

A popular trend these days for making walls look nicer is adding texture to them! This could be done with paint that has a distressed effect, faux stone inserts, or even by installing different types of materials such as wood paneling or brick (depending on where you live). Some people mix all three options so they don’t need to add anything else later down the line.

  • Save time: No need to prep and prime before painting
  • Result can be created with a more natural look
  • Wall paints can clash with the current colors of your home
  • Easy to apply, versatile texture that is durable


Make Your Basement Walls Look Better With Furniture

A way to make your basement nicer is by installing furniture. This can be done with any type of furnishings, but it’s best to stick with lighter wood colors and pieces that are more open so they don’t overwhelm the space or block out light from entering through windows. Be sure to stay away from darker shades in order not to create a feeling of gloominess in this room!

  • Get a basement that’s as good as any other room in your house
  • Make the walls look better by turning them into furniture decor
  • Design your ideal space without paying outrageous prices
  • Stop worrying about drainage and flooding


Make Your Basement Walls Appear Less Damp

If you have damp walls in the basement, there are some quick fixes you can try before opting for expensive services (such as repainting). You could place paint cans on them overnight which may help absorb much of the moisture coming off them. You could also put a dehumidifier in the room to help with this problem. Moisture-absorbent products can be placed on them as well, such as ceramic tiles or stones that are designed for absorbing water vapor from surfaces.

  • You don’t have to deal with gross, dank basement walls
  • Your basement will look clean and fresh instead of wet and moldy 
  • Save money. No need for expensive wall paint or wallpaper
  • Easy installation that’s done in just a few minutes


Make Your Basement Walls Look Better With Tiles

Another way of making your basement walls look nicer is by installing some beautiful and decorative tile! This will allow you to add color and make it feel more like a part of the home rather than something separate. Consider using just one type of tile throughout so that there’s no visual clutter when looking at the space overall.

  • Transform your basement by decorating the walls with tile
  • Choose from a variety of colors and textures to create a personalized space that you love
  • Save on cost-basement tiles are generally cheaper than hardwood floors or laminate, too!
  • Turn an unused Area into something special and beautiful for free
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And here are a few more ideas for making your basement nicer (without spending too much money)

  1. Make My Basement Walls Look Better With Shelves:  

Paint shelves white before adding your favorite items so they blend into the walls. Adding shelves to the space makes it feel like there’s some order and organization. 

  1. Make My Basement Walls More Inviting?

The basement is often considered an area where people don’t want to spend time – especially when they have kids around because of safety concerns about stairs and other hazards. How can you make the basement more inviting? Consider adding a TV and sound system so it feels like an extension of your living room. This is also a good option to consider if there are kids in the home because they’re less likely to go into this “forbidden” area while things are going on upstairs.   

  1. Make My Basement Walls More Secure?

One way is by installing locks on doors that lead to this space (for example from stairs) which will make it more difficult for people who don’t live there to access it when someone is at work or away from home. While this may seem like overkill, it’s worth considering for safety purposes.

  1. Make My Basement Walls Look Nicer With Lighting

Whether or not you have windows, lighting can still be added! When designing with electrical services for basements that don’t have natural light, everything should include lights – including ceiling fixtures as well as any lamps or sconces placed around the space. When choosing these options, try to avoid ones that emit too much heat such as halogen lamps.

If you’ve been neglecting your basement, don’t worry there are plenty of ways to make the space more inviting and comfortable. It doesn’t have to be difficult, from updating drywall or painting walls a light hue, to installing new windows or even adding a bar area! 

Call us today for an estimate on how much these improvements will cost. We’re happy to help transform your forgotten space into one that is well-used and loved by all who enter.

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