How Should I Take Care Of My Stamped Concrete Patio?

How to Maintain Stamped Concrete

Nothing beats that “fresh, new look.” Unfortunately, if not properly cared for, too many things in life will lose their luster. Even for something as durable as stamped concrete, that may be the case, but it does not have to be. Your new installation is stunning, be it a deck, a walkway or an indoor wall. It can retain its look and luster for many years with proper care.

How Should I Do Regular Cleaning of My Stamped Concrete?

Basic cleaning is plenty to keep your stamped concrete in good shape. 

Cleaning Your Indoor Stamped Concrete

If we think about indoors, it’s generally enough to literally dry mopping or wet mopping. If necessary, you may use a diluted liquid cleaner. Make sure to scrub afterward with a wet mop and clean water so you don’t end up with spots that look “washed out” where soap dried.

Place on the surface of the furniture? Beneath the knees, use felt pads to avoid dragging furniture across the floor. A throw rug or a doormat can help prevent wear and the creation of a “path” across the floor in heavily traveled areas.

Cleaning Outdoor Stamped Concrete

Outdoors, things aren’t much harder. Usually, the trick is to sweep or hose off the surface on a regular basis. If necessary, power washing is also safe to use. And a distilled liquid cleaner is working well, but be sure to thoroughly rinse it off.

When leaves, twigs, or debris tend to build up, the trick will be done by a leaf blower.

Indoor and outdoor, easily clean up spills. They might otherwise contribute to stains.

What About Tougher Stains?

In case a stain occurs on your poured concrete surface, usually, a small elbow grease will help get rid of it. Using warm water can help lots of stains to break down. If you still have issues, you can take a few easy steps.

An alkaline degreaser may help break down grease and oil and should not harm your stamped concrete when used as directed. Of items he or she recommends, it is best to ask the contractor.

Remember that there’s grease even in dirt, so even if you wouldn’t classify your problem as a “grease stain,” this type of cleaner chemical may still help.

If these aren’t enough, it’s best to call your contractor and see what can be done to fix the problem.


A sealant is applied to preserve and protect it when your stamped concrete surface is installed. But at some stage, this sealant will start to break down.

Taking the above steps will help to prolong the sealant’s life. You should be able to get two or three years out of the original coat if you follow the advice here. This can vary depending on the surface and the atmosphere. It goes without saying that harsh winters or scorching summers will accelerate deterioration.

In any case, a new coat of sealant will need to be applied after a good period of time. Doing this in a timely fashion will help keep the underlying surface in better condition.

It’s possible to do this yourself, but instead, we suggest calling your contractor if you’re not a professional. The surface should be thoroughly cleaned and dried prior to applying a new layer. Otherwise, surface irregularities can form. It takes planning to ensure that you don’t get trapped in a corner and that you cover the entire surface smoothly.

Of course, if you find excessive wear — for example, across the main path everyone walks along — you should look earlier at getting it sealed.

Proper sealing helps preserve the color and prevents it from fading. Yes, a fading surface can be replaced, but in the first place, it makes much more sense to maintain it.

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