Lafayette is a rapid transit station within the Bay Area in Lafayette, California. The station consists of one island platform located just south of the Lafayette Hillside Memorial in the middle median of State Route 24.

The station service began on 21 May 1973. BART was criticized in October 2011 for spending $2 million on a wheelchair ramp at the station’s south entrance, without adding curb cuts or accessible parking. The ramp was designed mainly to connect to a road to the south of the Lafayette business district and BART was already planning to add curb cuts.

The fare lobby contains three tiled mosaic-covered columns designed by Helen Webber and installed by Alfonso Pardiñas. Webber initially intended to use a purple backdrop but changed to blue because of local concerns about the association of purple with the infamous People’s Park.

Parking at Lafayette Station includes: 

  • Daily fee ($3 per day)
  • BART is now offering daily fee parking payment through the Official BART App systemwide
  • Carpool to BART options
  • Single Day Reserved Permit
  • Electric Vehicle charging: Single Day Reserved Permit and Daily Fee
  • Monthly Reserved Permit
  • Airport Long Term Permit
  • Extended Weekend


Bike Racks: Yes

Bike racks are available at most BART stations. 

Bike Station: None

FREE secure bike parking is available at several BART stations. 

Bike Lockers: 32 on-demand BikeLink lockers are available at this station. 

BART tickets are like Stored Value Debit cards. If you take a BART ride, the fare will immediately be deducted from the ticket before the reserved value is used up. Fares are dependent on traveled distance. The next to-ticket machine are the fare maps. All BART stations have automatic ticket vending machines accepting bills of nickels, dimes, quarters, and $1 as well as $1, $5, $10, and $20. In select computers, you can also use credit and debit cards.

Insert your ticket into the fare gate when you reach BART, and it’ll be returned to you. Using the same ticket when leaving. The right fare is deducted automatically and tickets with residual value are returned. If your ticket has too little value, the “Underpaid: Go to Addfare” sign will read at the fare gate. A nearby Addfare vending machine will inform you how much additional fare you must add to your ticket to exit the BART system.

Image courtesy of Jeffreymendel Jeffrey Nash – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

This interesting site is located near the following must-see sights in Lafayette, California:

  • Cross of Lafayette Memorial
  • Lafayette Park Theater
  • La Fiesta Shopping Center
  • Lafayette Reservoir
  • Grizzly Peak
  • Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve
  • Lafayette Community Park
  • The Clocktower Lafayette

All of these landmarks are located just a short distance from our location in downtown Walnut Creek, Spaulding Concrete on Locust Street!