Lawrence Hall of Science is a museum that educates and entertains visitors. They offer classes, camps, workshops, and tours for people of all ages. The Hall’s mission is to provide people with opportunities to learn about science through interactive exhibits, demonstrations, and experiences.

Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley California offers many different programs for children as well as adults who are interested in the sciences. 

Why not visit the Lawrence Hall of Science where you and your family, kids, and adults alike can learn about science in an interactive way. This is the perfect spot for anyone who wants to have fun while learning something new.  The Lawrence Hall of Science offers a variety of programs that provide an avenue for exploring natural phenomena through scientific principles. 

Visitors of all ages are welcome to experiment with activities like building air rockets or creating their own roller coaster design! Programs can be scheduled at any time, whether it’s during the day or after hours. Why going to this museum will surely be a fun event:

  • Explore science in a way you’ve never thought before
  • Have fun while being educated
  • Lower the barriers of learning with a hands-on activity. 
  • Bring your family and friends together for a day filled with scientific discovery!

The Lawrence Hall of Science includes hands-on activities that are appropriate for any age or environment. Designed by John Carl Warnecke and built in 1968, the building is open to the public and houses over 100 interactive exhibits caring about natural phenomena. Watch how waves form at the tide pools, test your speeds on an electric bike, or learn about technology and robotics in “What’s Cool?”, a popular section with kids. There’s also fun stuff like making fossil replicas or slime. In addition to the exhibits, Lawrence Hall of Science offers experiential programs that can be shared with children and teachers alike. Visitors who want a little more educational experience will have something to explore in “Inventions,” where they’ll find inventors from ancient times through today; “Earth & Space,” which is full of information about volcanoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes; or “Life.” The Hall also hosts classes for kids that teach them skills such as programming robots!

Time spent at the Lawrence Hall of Science enables visitors, especially children to:

  • Gain an appreciation of the natural world
  • Boost a child’s STEM knowledge
  • Learn about physical laws and principles through interactive activities
  • Inspire creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills  
  • Be introduced to an informal educational environment

The Lawrence Hall of Science is open every day except Christmas Day from 12 pm to 11 pm and is located at Lawrence Hall of Science, 55 Centennial Drive in Berkeley California.

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