The park is named after Linda Avenue, which is where it is located. You can access the park from one of three locations: across from Beach Elementary School on Linda Ave., at Linda Ave. and Lake Ave., or at Oakland Ave. and Sunnyside Ave.

This park is backed by a community of regulars who often carry well-behaved dogs. The majority of people are sociable. It’s best to avoid coming in the afternoons and early evenings, when it’s most busy.

Since this dog park is located on an incline with no grass, expect the dogs to get a little dirty. The park also includes lined walking paths, trees for shade, and benches where you can relax and watch your dog chasing his ball down the hill. Your dog will drink from the water fountain after running about and enjoying a good time. Don’t fret if you feel thirsty; the park planners found humans as well, and there’s a fountain for you.

Both small and large dogs are welcome to play in this park, but keep an eye on them and clean up after them. Of course, use a poop bag to pick up after your dog. This isn’t a huge space, but it’s just perfect for keeping an eye on your dog when they play, and you can sit on the benches above the play area. 

Don’t fret if your dog hasn’t perfected fetch or is just too lazy after a day at the park when you need to grab his ball from the bottom of the hill; there are stairs. The hill is a perfect place for your dog and you to get some exercise, particularly if he switches roles and lets you fetch.

Off-leash dogs are required to get a permit from the police department. Certificates are issued and this also stipulates that the dogs be up to date with their vaccines. Fortunately, the permit is available in all off-leash parks in Piedmont. To get your dog’s off-leash permit, call the Piedmont Police Department.

It’s not your regular destination dog park but it has its own charm and it is good for simple daily trips with your furry friend.

Concord, California is blessed to have many amazing dog parks for your fur baby.  Here’s a list of our favorites:

  • Heather Farm Dog Farm
  • Highlands Ranch Dog Park
  • Martinez Dog Park
  • Pinole Dog Park
  • Alameda Dog Park
  • Ohlone Dog Park
  • Paso Nogal Park
  • Rincon Hill Dog Park

All of these dog parks are located just a short distance from our location in downtown Walnut Creek, Spaulding Concrete on Locust Street!