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About the Poets Corner Neighborhood in Berkeley, CA 94702

Poets Corner is a neighborhood in Berkeley, California that is home to some of the most well-known poets of all time. The culture and history of this area are rich with literary traditions. 

The Poets’ Corner neighborhood encompasses three blocks on Telegraph Avenue between Dwight Way and Parker Street, just south of the University of California campus. It takes its name from the “Poet’s Table” at Shattuck Square where many famous writers have frequented over the years including Robert Frost, Jack Kerouac, Wallace Stevens, William Carlos Williams and Allen Ginsberg. This eclectic collection includes everything from quirky bookstores to trendy restaurants and cafés catering to both students and locals alike.

Locals will tell you that the true charm of this area is it’s small-town feel, but what they don’t know is that Poets Corner also has some great restaurants and bars! It’s never too late to stop by one of these places; take your friends or family out to dinner or grab a drink with your favorite bartender. You’ll love the food and drinks here, so be sure to visit when you’re in town!

Things to Do in Poets Corner

Poets Corner is blessed with an abundance of fun attractions for residents and visitors to enjoy. Here’s a short list of our favorites:

Strawberry Creek Park offers recreational opportunities, including basketball, tennis, and volleyball, as well as a school-age play area and space for picnicking.

Strawberry Creek Park was constructed on the site of a Santa Fe Railroad freight yard. The creek was reopened and restored to its original course, with low-maintenance California native plantings. The park was paid for with money from Measure Y, a bond passed by Berkeley voters in 1974 to meet the recreational needs of the city’s residents, as well as money from the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). On November 5, 1983, the park was dedicated. In 1984, the California Parks and Recreation Society bestowed the highest Environmental Planning Award in the Neighborhood Park category on the landscape design.

One of the largest and oldest community gardens in Berkeley, California is located at 2701 Russell St. (at Martin Luther King Jr Way). The garden was created 30 years ago to provide a place for locals and people from all walks of life to grow their own food and flowers for personal use and enjoyment. Residents who rent homes or live in apartments can feel some measure of security knowing that they can raise fruits, vegetables, and herbs on some level no matter what the current economic conditions may be. This gives many individuals a sense of freedom more than anything else which transcends all cultural barriers. For some it is an escape from their otherwise hectic lives while others keep coming back because they enjoy gardening more than anything else. Bancroft is open to everyone, with or without a green thumb.

Trackers is a community and a team of expert educators. We are a group of caring individuals who believe that children (and adults) should have authentic outdoor experiences.

We at Trackers are defenders of the land and the village. We are stewards of an epic world that must exist, sharing a love and respect for the land as well as a timeless human story.

Trackers is a family-run business. We are not restricted to a single family. Brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas from a variety of families work together for the greater good, much like a true village. 

Living in Poets Corner

Residents of Poets Corner are blessed to live in an area full of nature while also being quite close to city life.  There is never a shortage of coffee shops, parks or shopping centers to enjoy within a five-minute drive of Poets Corner. 

Silverado Berkeley is more than just assisted living. It is located in a quiet residential area just west of downtown. It is a specialized memory care community dedicated to improving the lives of those who have memory loss.

Many families shared the relief they felt when they finally chose Silverado after grappling with the feelings of guilt that come with deciding to seek help. Even a family working together cannot match what an expert team of professionals who do this for a living and get to sleep at night can provide. Even superhuman strength deteriorates over time. When families relocate to Silverado and discover that their loved one is doing better and that they can sleep again, the common refrain is, “I should have moved my loved one in sooner.” They are relieved to no longer be the caregiver and to be the daughter, son, husband, or wife.

Berkeley Muay Thai is a traditional Muay Thai training camp offering world class instruction in authentic techniques and a supportive environment for all skill levels from beginner to professional fighter. Our instructors are internationally certified professionals who have trained around the world, bringing their knowledge and experience home to Berkeley to share with our students regardless of age or athletic ability. We provide quality, personalized service in an inviting atmosphere that encourages camaraderie and respects individual progress. Berkeley hosts men’s & women’s classes as well as conditioning, cardio kickboxing & core strength classes, children’s classes along with seminars, workshops and fitness camps. Whether you want to burn calories, learn self-defense or become a formidable fighter; you can accomplish your goals at Berkeley. We pride ourselves in our family-like training atmosphere where everyone helps each other get better and stronger both physically & mentally. You will learn Muay Thai in a safe environment in order to avoid injuries that may take you away from your fitness routine. No need to join expensive gym memberships; just come in for a few hours 2-3 times per week and you will be on the right track to achieve all your fitness & health goals.

The Hidden Cafe is part of the Berkeley Student Cooperative, a non-profit housing cooperative providing low-cost, high quality housing to students of the University of California at Berkeley. The restaurant provides employment opportunities for student residents and aims to support sustainable agriculture by buying produce from local farms. Both vegan and vegetarian options are served with an emphasis on organic food. Menu items include soups, bakes, wraps, salads , sandwiches and baked goods such as scones and brownies.

Homemade Cafe is a no-frills neighborhood restaurant serving delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Visit us today and try our home fries! Whatever we don’t make in-house, we get from other local businesses. When we can’t make it ourselves, we do the next best thing: we buy locally grown food and support East Bay businesses!

There is always both indoor and outdoor dining available. Our newly remodeled dining room has new tables and chairs, rotating art from local artists on the wall, charming chandeliers, a self-service coffee refill station, and a semi-open kitchen where you can see and hear everything that is going on. Outdoor dining is available in the Lenore and Terry Memorial Parklet.

Lo-Cost Liquors is not your average liquor store. This joint in Berkeley, California prides itself on offering excellent customer service to all their patrons, many of whom are students from the prestigious University of California at Berkeley. They also have a wide selection of wines and beers for pretty much all tastes and budgets. If you’re looking for a place with good prices and where you’ll get all patiently answered to your questions, Lo-Cost Liquors is definitely worth a visit!

Lo-Cost Liquors doesn’t only sell alcoholic beverages though. They offer their clientele an extensive collection of cigars from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras as well as cigarettes from American Spirit which come at very competitive prices compared to other vendors around the area. Other than that, they also sell vaporizers and accessories, hence the name of their store “Lo-Cost Vapors”.

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Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in Poets Corner

Berkeley is a place where the past and present collide.  The historic Oakland neighborhood of Poets Corner Berkeley has parks, schools and other points of interest that make it a great place to live, work or visit.  Let’s take a look at what this vibrant community is all about!

This is one of many themed mini-parks located around Berkeley, California. It honors the accomplishments of Charles R. Dorr (1896-1987), a mathematician and engineer who was vice-president at Lockheed Aircraft Corporation. He worked on the design of over 100 military aircraft during WWII including the P38, P47, F4U Corsair, and L5 Sentinel. His efforts contributed to Allied victory in World War II.

The “cultured” landscaping includes a central water feature with a pool and fountain that is surrounded by lawns and benches beneath numerous trees from all over the world that provide dappled shade on those hot summer days as well as privacy between park users. It’s nice to sit back and relax away from the hustle and bustle of nearby University Avenue.

The park is directly off an entrance from the adjacent one-way Codornices Park Drive, a popular alternative route for cyclists around campus bikers who don’t want to get their feet wet crossing Strawberry Creek on the more heavily traveled bike bridge or Shattuck Avenue. In fact at street level there is a bicycle tire repair station ready in case you need it!

Berkeley International Montessori School was founded in response to a high demand to expand their Japanese Children’s House program by teachers and administrators from American International Montessori. Sakiko Takagi, our head of school, was able to assemble an outstanding team of educators who shared her vision thanks to her many years of experience and strong leadership abilities as a teacher and colleague. The BIM Team maintains a harmonious and balanced synchronicity, as well as a shared passion for the craft of teaching and working with young minds. We are all excited to continue our collaboration at BIM and expand our bilingual education practice through the Montessori method.

Little Beans, in Berkeley, CA , provides the space and tools for children to learn in an unstructured environment. With no schedule or curriculum, teachers provide materials that spark imagination and inspire learning through play. Knowing that every moment is important when it comes to early childhood development, Little Beans’ philosophy emphasizes creativity over academics. This philosophy supports each child’s unique needs by encouraging exploration of all kinds—by building with blocks one day and planting seeds in the garden another. Encouraging kids to be themselves free of judgment encourages them to try new things and develop their own talents. For example, one student who would become frustrated easily blossomed into a confident artist after studying shapes with her teacher at Little Beans. Another went from intimidated by water to brave enough to leap into the swimming pool after attending Little Beans’ weekly swim lessons.

The site is filled with nooks and crannies that contain books, games, art supplies, dress up clothes and other toys for children to explore on their own. Part of the space has been set aside as a quiet reading area where kids can curl up with one of the many picture books provided by the school or explore independently through one of the many puzzles available. The outdoor areas are just as creative as those inside. There’s an indoor jungle gym next to several tables perfect for doing arts and crafts projects while parents meet with teachers about their child’s development . Kids can also be found playing in Little Beans’ sandbox where they not only learn about sand and water but also practice their planning, engineering and cooperation skills.

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