The Rincon Hill Dog Park is a specially adapted street corner space in San Francisco, California that has been designated as a dog park. It is a small open public square with a state historical marker and off-leash small and big dog areas situated on the northwest corner of Beale and Bryant Avenues. The dog park is readily accessible from a huge parking lot under the Bay Bridge. The dog park is a two-acre plot of land that has been surrounded with chain-link fencing that is exclusively for off-leash dog exercise. The entrance is paved with asphalt.

The Park’s continued sustainability is contingent on the patronage and commitment of dedicated individuals who recognize and seize opportunities to assist in the treatment of their neighborhood. SF Public Works maintains it in partnership with neighborhood volunteers. 

There are two distinct branches of the Rincon Hill Dog Park. Big dogs have an elongated rectangular shaped run, while small dogs have a semi-circular, fully enclosed pen. The rugged, stony soil is edged by gravel in all off-leash zones. The dog park is outdoors and vulnerable to the elements. When it’s hot outside, there’s nowhere to go for cover, and when it rains, there’s nowhere to go for shelter. So make sure to plan for such an event before going to Rincon Hill Dog Park. 

The broad dog run is flanked on one side by a grassy bank and on the other by a highway. Between the dog park and the highway, there is a secure double fence. A low embankment, which has been planted with trees, covers the short dog track. The two spaces are linked by paved pathways. At the park’s entrance, there is a wide paved field with gardens and benches.

Poop bags are usually available and a freshwater fountain has been built.  Any poop bags or drinking cups that you can donate are greatly appreciated. Pet owners must tidy up behind their pets and assist with keeping the site clean. Pet owners are advised that they must dispose of their pet’s feces according to state law. A warrant and a fine of up to $320 can be given if this is not accomplished. When walking a dog on the street or off-leash in a dog park without a poop bag in hand, they will be fined an additional $320.

If you happen to be near the area with your furry friend, you might want to check out this hidden gem of a dog park in the heart of San Francisco.

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All of these dog parks are located just a short distance from our location in downtown Walnut Creek, Spaulding Concrete on Locust Street!