About the Saranap in Lafayette Neighborhood in Walnut Creek, California

You will find the community of Saranap just south and east of Walnut Creek, which is conveniently located near highways 680 and 505. Residents enjoy all that this area has to offer such as shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants. A wide variety of ethnic cuisines are available at reasonable prices for any budget. With easy access to public transportation including BART trains, you can go anywhere in the Bay Area within minutes!

Things to Do in Saranap in Lafayette

Saranap is a surprising little hood in Contra Costa County, bordered by Lafayette and Walnut Creek. It’s also walking distance to trails and downtown Walnut Creek! Here’s a short list of our favorites:

Established in 1955, the Lindsay Wildlife Experience is a non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates animals. They exhibit live wild animals to teach children about our natural world while inspiring them with up-close encounters. Founders Sandy “Alexander ” Lindsay started teaching neighborhood children about nature in 1951 when he was just 15 years old. In 2015 they changed their name from Diablo Junior Museum Association to what it is now: The Lindsay Wildlife Experience.

The Ruth Bancroft Garden is a 2.5-acre public dry garden located at 1552 Bancroft Road in Walnut Creek, California it contains more than 2000 cactus, succulents, trees, and shrubs native to many different regions around the world. It was established by Ruth Bancroft who wanted this place of beauty preserved for future generations as well as providing education about xerophytes (dry growing plants). Today it’s open for an admission fee of $8-$10 and proceeds go to preservation efforts.

Bedford Gallery is a place where creative minds come to learn, explore, and express themselves. Through its numerous educational initiatives, this gallery provides the opportunity to all communities in the San Francisco Bay region to get more engaged with art. It offers exhibitions that highlight both historic artists as well as modern or contemporary ones. You will find something new each time you visit this visual arts haven!

Sienna Ranch is a summer camp for kids with an unusual specialty: they teach archery, horseback riding, and animal tracking. Also provided educational programs in middle school science to help students prepare for high school curriculum requirements for AP biology, chemistry, physics, and earth/space sciences! The best part about all of their programs? It’s all year-round! You can take your child on field trips to get away from the city. Stay warm during those colder months, or take them out after school if they need some downtime before returning to class.

Broadway Plaza is an upscale open-air shopping center known for its many retail and restaurant offerings. You’ll find plenty of shops like Nordstrom, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Apple, and lululemon. Shops are housed under one roof with a variety of restaurants such as True Food Kitchen Boudin and P.F Changs! This space also contains co-working spaces by Industrious where you can work alongside others who love this area too!

Living in Saranap in Lafayette

Saranap is a small city that offers the best of both worlds. Residents can enjoy an urban, suburban lifestyle with many fun places to go and things to do near their home for when they want some time away from it all.  The residents in Saranap are lucky enough not only to have access to these amenities but also own homes which makes living there even better!  There’s also lots going on spiritually with churches near Saranap in Lafayette:

Hillside Covenant Church is a place for everybody, including children and youth. They have bible studies tailored to men and women as well as outreach programs that reach all over the world. Tune in to their live services on Sundays at 11 AM EST so you can enjoy incredible, responsive worship from the comfort of your own home!

St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church is a vibrant Roman Catholic community that has been serving Walnut Creek since before it even existed! The small mission church was built on Main Street in 1884, and by 1940 the current beautiful building had replaced it to accommodate its rapidly growing congregation.

Walnut Creek Heavenly Church is a Presbyterian church it was established in August of 2011 with the vision to spread flames from their revival and preach uncompromised Gospel. They meet for Sunday worship at 11:15 am, preaching only the truth about God as they seek His presence.

Lafayette Christian Church has been a beacon of light in Contra Costa County since its founding in 1832. It is an Open and Affirming congregation but also the heart of this community. The church welcomes all who wish to join them at their “place for grace” as they live together joyfully with one another.

Lafayette Christian Church is a part of the Disciples of Christ denomination.  Lafayette Pastor Rob Larrabee started his ministry at Lafayette Christian Church when he joined its staff on July 1, 2015, after years pastoring other churches.  He has seen many changes during these three years but is exceedingly grateful that “God’s going where people need Him.”

The Church is always open and friendly, with many activities to socialize. To keep the church running smoothly we have committees anyone can join. Their mission is to bring awareness about God’s existence for people of all ages, encouraging them to learn their faith as well. If you wish to become a part or volunteer at the community center, countless opportunities are waiting for those who want to contribute in any way they can!

Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in Saranap in Lafayette

Saranap is the home of a variety of fun attractions for residents and visitors to enjoy. Here’s a short list all located near Saranap in Lafayette:  


The Lafayette Library and Learning Center is a modern, state-of-the-art library that was built in 2009. This facility doubles as a learning center where kids can study while being surrounded by books; the building also hosts exhibitions from leading art institutions of culture throughout the region.

Heather Farm Park is a 102 acres vibrant gathering place in Walnut Creek, California. It has everything you’ll need to spend the day outside- from sports fields and inclusive playgrounds for all ages, to fishing ponds and nature trails with scenic views of the iconic Mt. Diablo mountain range on its horizon line. The park opened its doors officially on July 4, 1970.

Founded in 1950, Pied Piper is a parent-participation cooperative preschool located in Walnut Creek, California. The school’s large outdoor area allows children to enjoy circle time and snacks while learning about safety from their small pods during the day.

With over 50 years of experience, Pied Piper offers an engaging environment where children are encouraged to develop social skills while exploring new things with their peers at this safe-haven!

The Ballet School, a family-run business in the heart of Walnut Creek on Main Street, has been one of the longest-running businesses for over 40 years. It’s a place where dancers can become more than just great performers. They also have an opportunity to grow into confident and proud people through personal development courses at The Ballet School like voice or piano lessons with renowned teachers from professional studios across California (or even drop-in classes).

    • Larkey Park | Buena Vista At 1st Ave Walnut Creek, CA 94597 (925) 943-5800

This park has a swimming pool, Larkey Swim Center and is also the site of the Lindsay Wildlife Museum. There are two playgrounds, several barbecue areas, expansive lawns, and shade trees. Across the street, the park has another area that features four tennis courts, a basketball court, and a sand volleyball court.

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