Seaview Trail, located near Orinda, California, is an 8.7 kilometer highly trafficked out and back trail with beautiful wild flowers and graded as moderate. The trail provides a range of possibilities for activity and is available year-round. This trail can also be used by dogs, but they must be kept on leash.

The path is wide and easy to walk on. A muddy little thing in places. Just one place with a lack of signage was concerned. The paved portion leads up the hill to electric towers, so you really want to turn right onto the dirt path to follow the track, but there is no cleat indicator. There’s a fork in the road.

Amazing points of view when it’s obvious. A great deal of shade. A steam boat, a waterfall, a pool. It has everything. For dogs, there are plenty of people. On the trail, there are places where they can be off leash.

A wide path with spectacular views; fairly heavily trafficked. Not quite sure why it ends at a junction leading to Quarry Trail, where it does. At the intersection with the Major Springs Trail, the natural end-point would seem to be avoiding a very pointless descent & re-ascent. There’s a good bench just to the east at the intersection with Big Springs, so the perfect spot for a mid-hike break & snack.

The leash standards for dogs are not met by many people, so if your dog is in training, just be mentally prepared. Or call out to them. Going out is pretty fast, the real booty burner is coming back. Everything uphill basically. If the fog does not surround the harbor, a decent number of shaded areas and nice lookout points. Parking was never a concern.

With plenty of photo ops, this trail started out high – stunning views all around. The trail, however, had areas that were fairly heavily trafficked. A part of the trail on Grizzly Peak is also closed.

Very impressive views and early on in the trail from both sides of the bay. In the latter half, it’s mostly downhill, and on the way out, it’s a harder climb, particularly because this increase in fire access is very extreme. Views were fine, but there’s no need to do this whole trail, you want an easier hike-go to the bench with a view of the bay side that’s up on a hill facing the bay, and with an easier hike out you have one of the best views. Since it’s a fire access road, this trail is really big, so there’s plenty of space the entire way

    This amazing attraction is located near the following must-see parks in Orinda, California:

    • Orinda Oaks Park
    • Orinda Community Center Park & Tennis Courts
    • Briones Overlook Staging Area
    • Siesta Valley Recreation Area
    • Old San Pablo Trail
    • Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve Labyrinth
    • Bear Creek Staging Area
    • Tilden Regional Park

    All of these landmarks are located just a short distance from our location in downtown Walnut Creek, Spaulding Concrete on Locust Street!