Strawberry Canyon Fire Path is a moderately frequented 11.9-kilometer out-and-back trail near Berkeley, California that has a beautiful woodland backdrop. The trail is open all year and is generally utilized for hiking, walking, and jogging. This pathway is also suitable for dogs.

Take a look around the Claremont Regional Preserve and see all it has to offer. If you’re visiting UC Berkeley and looking for something to do, this is a great option. This is a fantastic site to see the sunset over the Bay. Bicycles are not permitted.


Strawberry Canon Fire Path is exactly what it says on the tin: a fire trail. A wonderful area to take your dog for a walk. Don’t overlook the Redwoods; they’re well worth the trip.

The rest of the route is level except for one high ascent. Views of Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco are spectacular.

This is a fantastic trail! With hikers in both directions, there is enough shade along the walk. All of the trekkers wore masks and stayed at a safe distance. On a Sunday, there are a lot of people.

With views of the Bay and UC Berkeley, this is a stunning trail. The trail begins with a strong rise but eventually becomes generally level and shaded.

Excellent views of the Oakland and Berkeley skylines, the San Francisco Bay in the background, and San Francisco city and the Golden Gate Bridge beyond on this fantastic walk.

It’s an excellent trail for both running and walking. It’s well-paved, so you won’t get lost. For the first half of the 7+ mile trek, the ascent is steady but not difficult, with a quick drop on the way back. When approaching other hikers, a large number of hikers and runners were all very cautious with their face covers.

COVID walk on a nice wide route. There’s some sun and some shade. Parking can be difficult to get by, so arrive early! If it’s a clear day, go behind the Space Sciences Laboratory building and cut across the parking lot for a spectacular view of the water.

Berkeley, California is blessed with some of the Bay Area’s most beautiful hiking trails for you to explore with your furbaby.  Here’s a list of our favorites:

  • Panoramic Hill, Chaparral Peak, and Strawberry Canyon Loop
  • Stonewall Panoramic Trail
  • Wildcat Gorge, Meadows Canyon, and Curran Trail
  • Chaparral Peak via Stonewall-Panoramic Trail
  • Upper Big Springs, Seaview, and Quarry Trails Loop
  • Grizzly Peak Trail from Golf Course Drive
  • Berkeley Marina Loop Trail
  • Strawberry Creek Fire Trails via Dwight Way

All of these dog-friendly hikes are located just a short distance from our location in downtown Berkeley, at 1935 Addison Street, Suite A!