Tilden Regional Park is a 2,079-acre (841 ha) regional park in the East Bay, part of the San Francisco Bay Area in California, also known as Tilden Park or Tilden/’t’ldən/. It is between San Pablo Ridge and the Berkeley Hills. Near Kensington, Berkeley, and Richmond, its main entrance is. The park and the Wildcat Canyon Regional Park are adjacent.

The park is operated by the Regional Park District of East Bay, formed from the first land acquired in 1936 by the District. Tilden Regional Park was named in honor of Charles Lee Tilden, a lawyer and businessman from the Bay Area who served on the East Bay Regional Park District’s first Board of Directors.

Tilden Park is mostly situated within the Contra Costa County unincorporated areas, though portions of the park are located within the cities of Oakland and Berkeley. Its steep valleys and dense timber stands give a rare experience of wilderness so close to the area. Its high ridges and peaks offer large views of Mount Diablo across the San Francisco Bay and inland from other protected lands.

The park’s eastern boundary is roughly at the crest of the San Pablo Ridge. The western boundary almost follows the Berkeley Hills’ crest.

Previously, portions of the park land had been cleared for agricultural use. Exotic trees, including eucalyptus, have been planted in many areas. There are also several relatively newly planted giant sequoia stands. Present restoration efforts, however, are directed as much as possible at preserving native vegetation, and large parts of the park are dominated by native coastal scrub. The East Bay Regional Parks District uses grazing as a means of decreasing weeds, with a herd of goats grazing in Tilden each season.

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All of these landmarks are located just a short distance from our location in downtown Walnut Creek, Spaulding Concrete on Locust Street!

Park Features

Steam Train

The Steam Train offers rides on a scaled-down steam train along a scenic mountain. There is wheelchair access to parking, drinking water, and toilet facilities.

The Brazilian Room

For weddings, parties, corporate events, etc, this historic indoor/outdoor facility is popular. With a stunning view of Tilden Park and beautifully landscaped gardens, the atmosphere is upscale and elegant. It accommodates 150 guests seated or 225 standing. It features a commercial kitchen, a wide main room opening up to the flagstone patio with windows and doors. There’s catering open.

The Botanic Garden

The Botanic Garden of the Regional Parks includes the most extensive collection of California native plants, including rare and endangered species, in the world. Tours and workshops are provided during the year by its visitor center (wheelchair accessible). The Botanic Garden provides drinking and toilet facilities that are available.

The Merry-Go-Round

A magnificent antique menagerie carousel with hand-carved and beautifully painted wooden carousel animals to ride, and calliope-style music to make the heart of every child sing. Tilden’s Herschell-Spillman Merry-Go-Round. A wheelchair accessible snack stand, drinking water, toilet, and parking are provided by the facility.

Tilden Nature Area and The Little Farm

Via the nature programs at the Little Farm and the Environmental Education Center (EEC) in Tilden Nature Area, you can learn more about Tilden’s surprising range of plants and animals. Both pages are available for wheelchairs.