Arbolado Park is easily accessible by vehicle, providing large parking facilities. Arbolado Park currently has 2 big parking lots. One is situated right next to the play facilities, while the other allows it easier to reach the large soccer fields. It is also easy to get from the local suburban neighborhood on foot, by bike or scooter.

Arbolado Park is a sprawling park. For big and small groups, there is space for all to love and for them to do something. Your time at the park will be packed with fun from the open grassy knolls, soccer fields, tennis courts, picnic tables, and play structures. The two play systems are set up in a manner that helps children to experience the correct systems in terms of age and scale. Another is reserved for those from the ages of 2-5 and the other system is reserved for all aged 5-12. Both systems have mild lighting and many daunting obstacles to inspire adventure and wonder.

The Arbolado Park provides two full basketball courts if the family loves hoops rather than playing facilities. There is a full court alternative and a half-court alternative, 4 well-maintained hoops and no reservation or permission requirement. Arbolado Park also has tennis courts which are exceptionally well managed. Such courts are open to the public, but can be reserved for courses and activities held there. There is no gear for either the tennis courts or the basketball courts outside the house, so come prepared for hours of fun on your own.

A great spot for a BBQ. Arbolado Park has several picnic tables scattered throughout the park as well. Many of the table clusters do sell BBQ grills. Again, no reservations are needed-but on the weekend shaded picnic tables and BBQ areas will easily fill up. Arrive early to get the first pick of the grills and tables! Arbolado Park will make a perfect venue for a birthday party, team bonding experience or family reunion, thanks to the facilities, a huge number of seats, open space and plenty of parking.

Family-friendly touches at Arbolado Park is the jewel of a Walnut Creek park. Well-maintained toilets are one significant feature. The easy amenity is the park’s many water fountains and hydration stations scattered throughout. Such water facilities include a water pool, a pet watering area, and a refill system for water bottles. That can be a life-saver on hot days! Finally, Arbolado Park has a large field suitable for soccer games, lacrosse games or even football flag games. Group sports would take place across the City of Walnut Creek. But, this is a very exclusive place for park pick-up play.

Enjoy a featured park with hundreds of established parks all over the East Bay. It can be daunting to determine which park to visit – or to locate a new park that can offer fun and entertainment for your entire family.

Image courtesy of Jeffreymendel Jeffrey Nash – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

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All of these trails are located just a short distance from our location in downtown Walnut Creek, Spaulding Concrete on Locust Street.