What Foundation Problems Are Red Flags Before Buying A Home?

When seeking to buy a home, there are numerous factors to consider, including aesthetic attributes, location, kitchen layout, age of the home, and many others. All of these are understandable concerns, but how would you assess your possible home if your structural engineer discovered a basic issue?

Does this raise the question of whether foundation issues are a red flag? There are a few ways to respond to this. “Any problem should be regarded as a red flag,” you’re probably thinking. Although foundation issues seem alarming, there’s a chance they’re not serious.

Foundation issues can range from major to little, such as a sinking foundation or a foundation with a few fractures. However, depending on the severity of the foundation issues, it may necessitate a complete foundation replacement or a very modest patch that would not prevent you from acquiring the home.

Red Flag #1: Foundation Cracks

Hairline cracks are not an indicator of a problem, although virtually all poured concrete foundations will break at some point. However, if a crack is larger than 1/2 inch, it’s a good idea to have a foundation contractor look at it. 

Red Flag #2: Structural Issues

Structural repairs including health and safety issues could derail your house loan by making the property ineligible for financing, or they could cost thousands of dollars if there is a problem with the foundation or load-bearing walls of your new home. But structural issues aren’t only costly to repair; they may also be dangerous, which is why they should be at the top of any checklist when buying a property.

Red Flag #3: Ceiling That Is Sagging

If the ceiling sags, it’s a red flag, no matter how cute and snug the house is. Roof leaks, structural movement that causes the ceiling drywall to work loose from the ceiling joists, or an insect infestation that eats away at the joists can all cause a saggy ceiling, even if it’s only a minor sag.

Red Flag #4: Poor Drainage

Poor grading and drainage can lead to major issues with your home’s foundation or basement, therefore it should be high on your checklist of house inspection red flags. When it comes to bad drainage, things to check for when buying a home include collecting water around the foundation, leaking in the basement, blocked or overflowing gutters, and dirt being disturbed by water in any flower beds around the house, to name a few.

Red Flag #5: Standing Water in the Yard

A yard should have a minimum 2% gradient away from the home to keep water away from the foundation wall. After a rain, drive by the house you fancy. If there are puddles of standing water in your yard, you may have a drainage issue. Water that drains along a foundation wall might leak into a basement through the tiniest gap, thus puddles near the foundation are the most problematic.

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