Where Is Reinforced Concrete Used?

Reinforced concrete means concrete containing a particular quantity of reinforcement material (steel etc.). It is often used when concrete needs to carry a large quantity of weight. For example in beams, columns, footings, peers, slabs etc. concrete is good in compression and poor in tension, while steel bars are strong in compression and stress.

So we use the combination of both .. otherwise concrete does not withstand any kind of load.

Now the question arises in your mind why we don’t just use steel in construction? The conclusion here is that it will be very expensive and the cost of building will rise many times.

Reinforced concrete is a mixture of steel and concrete, and is used in different construction work forms. Reinforced concrete is an essential material that is frequently favored during steel construction, due mainly to its flexibility, adaptability and fire and corrosion resistance resulting in negligible maintenance costs.

Production of better-quality cement has resulted in greater concrete strength and durable concrete for use in different types of structures. In the construction of foundations on the building rooftops, reinforced concrete is used in the construction of road roads, prefabricated buildings, floating buildings, and hydropower dams, irrigation canals, drains, and all other possible structures.

Greater Concrete Economy 

In most cases, the structure’s total cost is the first and most relevant element it weighed. Clearly, the expense of the building is made up of the expense of the materials used for the construction, the cost of labour and the time allotted for the project.

By contrast, concrete floor strength is smaller than that of steel construction. That is because floors are concrete plates or concrete slabs or columns, and within the same depth are mounted girder or joists.

Appropriateness of reinforced concrete for structural and aesthetic purposes

Both architectural and structural features can be mixed in reinforced concrete structure. Fresh concrete can be poured in any form and design, and the desired textures can be produced by the finishing techniques available.

In addition to being able to fulfill its primary function, which carries loads, reinforced concrete construction will also have aesthetically pleasing looks.

Reinforced concrete systems are low maintenance

Compared to the steel and timber systems, reinforced concrete construction usually does not require significant maintenance.

In case dense and air trained concrete is used for exposed areas and adequate ventilation is provided, this advantageous feature of reinforced concrete will be more evident.

Reinforced Concrete Materials available

The constituent concrete such as sand, gravel and cement is readily available, and bars of steel are easily shipped to the construction site compared with deliveries of steel components.

Of this purpose it is recommended that reinforced concrete be used for construction in remote areas.

Structural Rigidity

Commonly, the framework of reinforced concrete possesses tremendous rigidity. That is why vibration issues in reinforced concrete buildings don’t always occur.

Reinforced concrete resistance to flames

Structures can withstand fire for a time that is adequate for the building to evacuate and avoid the loss of life and then contain the fire. In general, concrete structures can withstand fire for a time period from 1 to 3 hours without the need for any special steps to enhance fire resistance to construction.

However, this is not the case for other construction materials such as timber and steel and so they need to be secured against fire in order to be able to withstand fire for a long period.

It is a major benefit of reinforced concrete which lacks other building materials.

Need Reinforced Concrete Repairs? 

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