Barrel Aged has a truly outstanding class and elegance. It was the most detailed cocktail menu you will see. The consistency of the liquors used, the refinement of the recipes, the ability to pour-a passion for perfection and authenticity is certainly tailored. Handcrafted cocktails? They have them. Drinks from Pre-Prohibition? Check. There is certainly no cocktail that Barrel Aged talented workers can’t produce. With an excellent range of spirits, wine and beer, service and ingenuity are high in this small local place. It’s common to have weekend brunches, so time your arrival accordingly.

The café that is right next door also complements this bar. In front of their café, named Barrelista, was the front entrance. Barrelista serves fine coffee, pastries, food and they deliver our specialty original and retro coffee drinks at night, fantastic homemade food, craft beer and 23 pretty good wine glasses!

There is a cafe section and a bar section, and the place is divided. The bar has restricted seating and there are tables and a sofa section in the cafe. You have to order your drinks at the bar, and in the cafe section, you can only order beer and wine. 

They have a wonderful collection of beers and drinks! There is quite a whiskey range as well as great prices available for you! They have a good bookshelf area with some very rare whiskeys, if you get the opportunity. They have an excellent waitress who will sit next to you in the cafe section couches and answer your questions. You can go with a bunch of friends and take all the drinks with pictures.

A very cozy feeling and certainly will leave you wanting more! They deliver a variety of options from their menu, such as: coffee , tea, sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, and they also serve a to-go mason jar with a sweet little twisty straw!

Bartenders are eligible and could sell you delicious crafted drinks. The service is swift and the place was vibrant. It is very tailored and attention is given to detail. That being said, it may be a little more of a wait than your normal turn and burn bar … If you are willing to hang out and chill for a while, you get well-balanced and pretty strong delicious drinks!

A cocktail bar specializes in specialty cocktails and mixed drinks. Not only can these bars serve tasty blended drinks, but they also specialize in exclusive and creative creations. Great drinks with a signature are served.

Image courtesy of Jeffreymendel Jeffrey Nash – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

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All of these secret spots are located just a short distance from our location in downtown Walnut Creek, Spaulding Concrete at 1461 Locust Street!