In honor of Ted Radke and his wife, Kathy, the Park District Board of Directors changed the name of Martinez Regional Shoreline to Ted and Kathy Radke Martinez Regional Shoreline on December 6, 2016. From 1978 to 2014, Ted Radke served on the Park District Board and was instrumental in protecting the Martinez waterfront, growing land acquisition financing and working to protect the environment with legislators. Kathy Radke worked to save Mt. Wanda from creation, preserve Franklin Hills as an open space, and was a co-founder of the Education Institute for Contra Costa Ecology Action with her husband.

The shoreline park provides a range of opportunities for visitors. In the eastern portion of the park, run by the City of Martinez, there are community picnic areas, baseball camps, bocce ball courts and soccer fields. With its peaceful open lawns, small family picnic areas, and ponds and creeks, the District runs the Western section. Quiet walks through the marsh and along the shoreline are provided by nearly three miles of trails.

The Marshes

With the seasons, this peaceful area of the park shifts. Its inhabitants come and go, and in color and mood there are subtle shifts. Enjoy this experience individually along the Pickleweed Trail, or, when accessible, walk with others on a naturalist-led excursion. In the marsh, dogs are not permitted.

Arena with Horses

The horse arena provides contests for youthful riders during the riding season (May-September). Membership in the Family, Single, and Junior categories of the Tri-Cities Horsemen ‘s Association is open. Membership is available to everyone, and there is no need for horse ownership. A charge is available.


On park trails, bicycles are permitted.


A California state fishing license and stamps are necessary for shore fishing if you are 16 years of age or older. Fishing provides striped bass, sturgeon, shark, some flounder, and catfish in the Carquinez Strait. At the marina bait store, licenses are available. There is no necessary Park District fishing permit.


There is a boat repair yard and fuel dock at the Martinez Marina, a bait store, restaurant and bar run by the City of Martinez. There is an introductory charge. Call the marina at (925) 313-0942 for more information.

Dogs Oh

Dogs are not permitted in the Martinez Regional Shoreline’s duck pond habitat, marsh areas, or other inland areas. Dogs must be leashed (six-foot maximum) and under supervision in the parking areas. In the parks, dangerous animals are not permitted. Please pick your dog up.


The soccer field is maintained by the town of Martinez and is accessible throughout the week on a first-come , first-served basis. It can be reserved on weekends by calling (925) 372-3510. It’s 8:00 a.m. Till 5 p.m.

Bocce Ball 

A legacy of the mainly Sicilian community in the early days of the shoreline, a typical Martinez sport is the playing of bocce ball. The sport on wooden-sided courts lined with finely crushed oyster shells is played outdoors. In 1979, the shoreline park hosted the first Northern California Open Bocce Ball Championships. Telephone (925) 372-3510 for team details.


The Baseball Complex is named after Joe Dimaggio, a native of Martinez, who played throughout his baseball career for the New York Yankees. The complex, on a first-come , first-served basis, has four baseball diamonds open. These areas can be reserved for league play by calling (925) 372-3510. For league play, there is a fee.

Image courtesy of Jeffreymendel Jeffrey Nash – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

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