Can You Put A Topcoat Over A Concrete Driveway?

A new concrete or asphalt driveway looks amazing, but over time, it will produce cracks, gaps, and a weathered appearance due to the relentless pounding it receives from Mother Nature. A topcoat will restore the appearance of any driveway, whether it is made of concrete or asphalt. 

You’ll need to find another place to park for two days while you prep the surface and add the topcoat, so once it’s done, you’ll have a fresh, attractive driveway that will enhance the appearance of your home.

You recognize the value of preserving your house, including your driveway, as a homeowner. Keeping your driveway in good shape isn’t always easy. You must know when it is time to coat it or get it repaved.

So when is it appropriate to do so? And how do you keep a driveway in good order and manage it?

Here are steps on how to put a top coat over a concrete driveway:

  1. Apply degreaser to any oil stains on the driveway and clean with a long-handled scrub brush to work the degreaser into the spot. Allow the degreaser to operate on the spot for the period specified on the package before pressure washing it.

  2. Repeat the degreasing process until the leakage seems to be transparent if any sticky discharge appears in the spray when it drains from the pressure washing.

  3. Using a masonry chisel and hammer, locate and destroy any loose concrete parts. Sweep up and discard any debris produced by the chipping in the hole.

  4. Using a masonry trowel, fill a 5-gallon bucket with enough pre-mixed concrete patch to fill the void. Cover the hole and trowel the top of the patch smoothly to complement the surrounding asphalt, following the manufacturer’s mixing and application instructions on the kit.

  5. Once the concrete has been pressure washed and patched, let it dry overnight. Then, in the middle of the lane, pour a concrete-bonding agent and spread an even coating over the entire concrete surface with a paint roller with an extension stick. Before sealing the entire driveway, add more bonding agents to places that seem to be a little weak.

  6. Allow for full dryness of the concrete bonding agent. Then, using a floor squeegee, apply a gallon of concrete topcoat from a 5-gallon bucket to the driveway and spread it uniformly and thoroughly.

  7. As required, apply more topcoat to ensure an even coat over the entire driveway. Allow the topcoat to dry according to the label’s instructions before applying a second topcoat and, if necessary, a third coat.

  8. Allow the final layer of topcoat to dry completely before covering the driveway with a roll of heavy-duty plastic to shield it as it cures. Cover the driveway for 48 hours before using it as normal.

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