A fantastic park with botanical gardens, a leisure center, facilities, and a large number of geese. This is a place that both dogs and humans will enjoy. There’s plenty of fun for everybody at Heather Farm Dog Park! This 102-acre urban park is full of dog-friendly features. This is the neighborhood hangout to try out if you want some heart-pumping playtime or some quiet downtime in natural surroundings. It’s a family-friendly place that accepts dogs of all shapes and sizes. This dog park is situated on North San Carlos Drive, in the north end of Heather Farm Park, with plenty of free parking. 

It’s a massive park so there’s plenty of room for dogs to run around. The lawns are well maintained and manicured so it’s really a beautiful sight.  There is a lane that runs around it. A huge children’s playground with climbing structures, a skatepark, tennis courts, and a fishing pond can be located on the park’s other side. There’s also a rose garden with plenty of space to relax and unwind. There are also cycling and walking trails for both kids and adults. It doesn’t have grass though, instead you’ll find wood chips.

The large off-leash area offers a healthy environment for dogs to engage in some socialization and blow off some steam. There are two parts, one for larger breeds and the other for small dogs. The area for large dogs has benches, picnic tables and water buckets. Your enthusiastic canine friend will fly about like a wild dog on the wood chip surface or put their agility abilities to the test on the agility equipment. You should rest and watch while sitting on the benches. There will also be balls, so all you need to wear is your best friend! There is also drinking water for your thirsty dog here.

Please remember to tidy up after your dog everywhere you go in Heather Farm Park, as the dog park has doggy waste bags. Have an eye on your dog and keep an eye out for abusive activity and ensure that this is a safe haven for everyone.

Heather Farm Dog Park still has locals raving because of the almost infinite number of things to do!

Concord, California is blessed to have many amazing dog parks for your fur baby.  Here’s a list of our favorites:

  • Highlands Ranch Dog Park
  • Martinez Dog Park
  • Pinole Dog Park
  • Alameda Dog Park
  • Linda Ave Dog Park
  • Ohlone Dog Park
  • Paso Nogal Park
  • Rincon Hill Dog Park

All of these dog parks are located just a short distance from our location in downtown Walnut Creek, Spaulding Concrete on Locust Street!