Monterosso Community Park is located in the state of Contra Costa County, California. It’s a small park where you can have a fun picnic with a small group of friends. It’s the perfect place to bring your younger children or toddlers to play in their playground. What’s more lovable is   how well the park has been preserved and maintained.

This park is very small, built for children under the age of 5. When your child has progressed beyond their childhood and wants more spacious, adventurous play spaces, there’s no alternative but to get in a car and drive to another park in the local area for a few minutes. Although the park has a peaceful environment, the park needs to be changed to bring energy to the park and the community meeting that the park can offer to the community.

Benefits of Community Parks like Monterosso Community park

Parks are the heart of their neighborhoods. As such, these leisure facilities should be a high priority for city planners. The value of parks and recreation goes beyond adding green space to embellish the city. Residents, children and the local government all profit from providing a nearby park or playground.

Promoting Neighborhood’s Wellness

Americans have a problem spending so much time indoors and sedentary. Parks help address all of these issues by providing a venue for community members to get out and be involved.

Studies have related the existence of an attractive park to an increase in aerobic exercise. Having a green space nearby resulted in a 25.6 per cent rise in people being involved at least three days a week. The introduction of outreach with a new leisure area resulted in a 48.4 percent increase in exercise, followed by a 5.1 per cent increase in aerobic ability.

Wellness benefits go beyond just promoting improved mental health. Growing green space close to people by just 10% has contributed to a reduction in health concerns. Simply observing savannah-like settings led to study participants reporting less anxiety and frustration and greater focus and peace of mind. Communities ought to foster the well-being of their people. Creating leisure areas is one way to fulfill the needs of both mind and body.

Providing Connection Space

Teenagers are not the only group of people to be isolated. People rarely have to deviate from the direction of going to work and coming home with the Internet. Parks are offering neighbors a place to see each other in person. Enticing people to a park with thrilling playground equipment can get parents to take their children away several times. The more parents come to the park, the more likely they are to encounter a growing number of their neighbors.

When people connect with each other, they develop friendships that form the foundation of a group. People who were once individuals and separate families are working together in a group to support their neighbors and their area. In a 2016 analysis, neighborhoods that devoted more land to parks had residents who reported higher levels of neighborhood well-being.

Boost Property Values

Homeowners consider parks to be a valuable amenity. As such, land prices increase the proximity of homes to the recreation area. Higher property values result in more property taxes, which can further enrich the community if the city uses these funds for additional features.

In another study in Washington State, homes within 0.5 miles of an open space or park were 8 to 20 percent higher than those not near green spaces. The advantages of proximity to parks for home prices decreased with a 0 per cent shift in value just 0.5 miles away from the park.

Encouraging Children to become Active

It’s one thing to get kids to run around in a gym. However as children get outside the beneficial effects of physical activity increase. Kids who spend time outdoors have higher test scores, less behavioral problems, less signs of ADHD, better cognitive performance and increased self-discipline.

Having children to play has become so critical that doctors recommend outdoor time for some of their patients as part of the National Recreation and Park Association initiative. Pediatricians have long understood the health benefits of a park in their young patients’ health.

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All of these beautiful parks are located just a short distance from our location in downtown Walnut Creek, Spaulding Concrete on Locust Street!