This 20-acre park is known for the water-snake mosaic that winds down the hillside. The park has a children’s playground, a sand volleyball court, a covered picnic area, a playground and two tennis courts. Sports courts, tennis courts, a picnic area and a snack bar are available for hire.

Have you got a younger child who likes to explore? The playground at Diablo Vista Park is suitable for children 4 and under. Affectionately known as “Snake Park,” this park’s pint-sized climbing frames, bucket swings and a large sandy area are ideal for toddlers. The park is divided into three playgrounds: one with small structures, one with a climbing framework and slides, and one with swings.

A big tile snake is the focal point of the park. The snake, topped with fountains and a cement pad, slithers down the hill, giving pint-sized climbers a range of paths to discover. Kids scaling the snake will be treated to a bird’s eye view of the park.

Diablo Vista Park’s sports field also houses the world’s leading synthetic turf industry. This turf replaces a field that was already synthetic turf, though from another provider. The management went with this product because it was built in Sycamore Valley Park in 2012 and it performed very well and was very well aged.

Diablo Vista Park is situated on 20 acres and is renowned for its distinctive water-snake mosaic features and premier sports facilities. The new synthetic turf on the sports field enables residents and sports leagues to continue to make extensive use of the facility, while also providing a wide variety of leagues, ages and ability levels.

The City of Danville constructed 86,695 square feet of Shaw Sport Turf’s Powerblade Pro 2.0 synthetic turf at Diablo Vista Park. Power is an explosive combination of strength and pace, a vital formula to outperform competition. The Shaw Sports Turf PowerBlade fiber system ensures that foundation athletes need to harness their potential. It’s a go-to surface system where contact with both the athlete and the ball is key to success. Featuring long-lasting monofilament fibers engineered to look and play just like natural grass, PowerBlade fields are ready to go from preseason to play-offs for years to come. PowerBlade comes in various variations, each with its own distinct advantages of turning the field into a powerhouse. Powerblade Pro features proprietary Bolt fabric, the innovative state-of-the-art lightning bolt angles create a better vertical axis so that the fibers remain upright for less breakdown and wear.

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All of these beautiful parks are located just a short distance from our location in downtown Walnut Creek, Spaulding Concrete on Locust Street!