Del Rey School is nestled in a neighborhood just east of the Caldecott tunnel in Orinda, CA. They are one of four elementary schools in Orinda. They  serve transitional kindergarten through 5th grade students, with a population of 428 in the current school year.

Their school site has an incredible setting, with two creeks bordering the campus, beautiful mature oak trees, a natural habitat garden and views of the hills. Built in 1953 and maintaining an original footprint plus a few mobile phones, their campus includes 20 full-size classrooms. In addition, Del Rey has a multipurpose room, a library, a music room, a science room and a computer lab. Although they are very proud of their school, it is not the physical environment that makes Del Rey shine. They have a dynamic community of people, including teachers, parents, support staff, students, and the wider community, working together to do what is best for all the students who shine here.

The California Distinguished School in 2014 and the National Blue Ribbon School in 2015 and the California Gold Ribbon School in 2016 are very proud of their educational program. From an educational point of view, they are a team that uses both formative and summary data across all subject areas to guide instruction and make the curriculum accessible to all of their students. They do this with the support of the school district and the wider community. They have a weekly one-hour collaboration time for teachers to work and plan together. Additionally they have three days set aside where they analyze data and use it to plan grouping strategies, adjust curriculum pacing, and develop enrichment and intervention experiences. 

They have a Literacy and Technology Coach who drives planning, works with educators in the role of modeling and coaching, and facilitates cohesion across the school and the district. They believe in professional development and provide on-going training for their teachers that is aligned with the district and site objectives. Research supports the idea that the teacher’s expertise is the most important factor in enhancing academic achievement. They live by this, and work on an ongoing basis to build the expertise of teachers.

Del Rey School has carefully implemented a technology plan that supports student learning and enhances community communication. They have more than 160 computers on campus and have implemented a one-to-one model in their 4th and 5th grades this year. Their plan has a replacement guideline so that older units can be cycled out for more current ones. They’ve got a fully equipped laboratory. Their classroom technology includes document cameras, projectors and laptops and a SMART board in all classes. They also have two mobile iPad carts for student use. This created a new world of educational opportunities for their students. Their technology has also enabled them to administer the state-mandated testing in a timely and smooth manner. Additionally, their educators have access to pertinent data that they use to inform instruction. 

Their students are proud of their school, and the school helps them learn how to connect with their community. They have a school-wide thematic book program called “School Wide Read-Aloud” This program highlights character education, which is linked to their Second Step curriculum. They have a community outreach program where students participate in being active members of the community. They invite their neighbors to their Pumpkin Patch and long-standing traditional performances, and they fill the house.

Orinda, California is blessed with some of the top schools in Northern California:

  • Miramonte High School
  • Orinda Intermediate School
  • Glorietta Elementary School
  • Sleepy Hollow Elementary School 
  • Wagner Ranch Elementary School

All of these schools are located just a short distance from our location in downtown Walnut Creek, Spaulding Concrete on Locust Street!