Orinda Intermediate School is a highly rated, public school located in Orinda, CA. It has 898 students in grades 6-8 with a student-teacher ratio of 20 to 1. According to state test scores, 81% of students are at least proficient in math and 87% in reading.

About Bulldog Sports

The Bulldog Sports program is sponsored by the Parent’s Club (OISPC) and is administered by the OUSD. The program is financed directly from your contribution to the registration of sports.

The after-school sports program provides an equal opportunity for all OIS students to learn, play and enjoy a variety of exciting teams and individual sports. Their ultimate goal, through meaningful training and positive interactions, is to get ALL of their athletes to ‘learn and play UNITED!.

League Play – The traditional sports teams compete against other middle schools in the East Bay. Both home and away games are scheduled. Parents will be asked to help with carpooling for away games.

Administration – The program will be managed by Michael Agers, Physical Education Teacher at OIS, as Athletic Director. Dianna Langer will assist as Administrative Coordinator with the administrative aspects of the programme. The  administrative team will continue to strive for Program Excellence and 100% Player Satisfaction.

Practice – Right after school, practice sessions begin and last 90 minutes. Except for our 6th grade competitive sports, and our specialty sports that meet twice a week, most teams meet Monday through Thursday. In all planned events, tournaments, and all team tasks, students are encouraged to participate.

Coaches – It is their desire, goal, and mission to recruit mature, competent, and accomplished coaches of a high caliber. To ensure the success of the program, we will aim to bring together a top-notch cadre of adult coaches who have the desired qualities and features.

Parents – Parent engagement and assistance is central to the success of our program. Parents are encouraged (though not required) to get involved, play in games, and take an active role in the after school sports experience of their child.

6th Grade Core

English Language Arts

Core is an interdisciplinary class that helps students learn how to analyze written and visual texts and present their thoughts effectively in writing and in other forms of communication. To achieve this goal, students:

  • Read both the literature and the information texts
  • Write arguments, informative texts, and narrative
  • Demonstrate command of standard English conventions when writing or speaking;
  • Collaborate on discussions and group projects
  • Present knowledge and ideas in public speaking as well as multimedia presentations in both formal and informal settings.

Social Studies: Ancient History and Historical Thinking

The goal is for students to master their thinking, not just to memorize content. Students learn about early life, the development of tools, the way of life, the development of agriculture, and the emergence of civilizations in Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus River Valley, China, Mesoamerica, and the Mediterranean. They read written primary sources, investigate visual primary sources, and learn how to analyze multiple points of view, cite source evidence, and make claims based on that evidence in writing and in speaking. They  aim to help students understand the importance of the past and its relevance to the present and the future.

School Pledge

Orinda Intermediate School is a Respectful, Responsible, Considerate, and Honest community. As a member of the OIS community and a person of character, I pledge . . .

  • To be respectful of all individuals and my surroundings
  • To be responsible for all I do
  • To be considerate, compassionate and cooperative
  • To be honest, sincere and reliable

Orinda, California is blessed with some of the top schools in Northern California:

  • Miramonte High School
  • Del Rey Elementary School
  • Glorietta Elementary School
  • Sleepy Hollow Elementary School 
  • Wagner Ranch Elementary School

All of these schools are located just a short distance from our location in downtown Walnut Creek, Spaulding Concrete on Locust Street!