Located on Moraga Way between Hall and Ivy Drives, Orinda’s 12-acre hidden treasure is the ideal place for family, band, gatherings, retreats and taking your dog for a stroll (on leash).

There is a barbecue area in this restful enclave, and plenty of picnic tables available for reservation. The playing field allows visitors to play a short lawn game or volleyball game, and there is also a horseshoe pit.

The adjacent 111 acres of open space consisting of native grasses and oak trees can be enjoyed by hikers. Views of Lamorinda and the entire Diablo Valley below give the upper ridge.

Although off-leash dogs in Orinda Oaks Park are not allowed, there is a connecting trail to the Open Space Preserve of Mulholland Ridge where you can hike off-leash with your dog.

Orinda Oaks Park is also a trailhead to the nearby 110 acre Orinda Oaks Open Space Preserve, which has a multitude of trails that connect with fantastic views, all topped off by the panoramic 360-degree view of Mt. Diablo and surrounding communities.

These two important park areas enhance the quality of life and foster health and safety for our people. The parks also help to conserve our natural resources and are vital habitat and wildlife areas.

With many volunteers and fundraising, trails, picnics and play areas were built over the years. The OPR Foundation supplied people with the vehicle to buy the open space preserve. After work, take a few hours out of a weekend or any evening and spend a holiday in your own culture.

This amazing attraction is located near the following must-see parks in Orinda, California:

  • Orinda Community Center Park & Tennis Courts
  • Briones Overlook staging area
  • Siesta Valley Recreation Area
  • Old San Pablo Trail 
  • Seaview Trailhead
  • Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve Labyrinth
  • Bear Creek Staging Area
  • Tilden Regional Park

All of these landmarks are located just a short distance from our location in downtown Walnut Creek, Spaulding Concrete on Locust Street!

Orinda Neighborhood Park surrounds the park with plenty of trees and shade. It is adjacent to the building of the Orinda Community Center.

It is the only park with play areas in Orinda. A broad lawn divides the two play areas. There is sand covering the tot play area, the water feature in the sand pit, a tire swing, swings, a bouncy teeter-totter like platform, and the structure of the play. There are two zip lines in the big kid’s play area, a tall play tower, a short climbing wall with a rope, a small tunnel, a spiral slide and a firefighter’s pole.

There are lighted tennis courts, a gazebo/bandstand, shaded picnic areas, an amphitheater, and bathrooms in addition to the two playing areas. The OPR Foundation wants to add an area near the tennis courts that will include senior fitness equipment as part of the proposed refurbishment of the park.

The Foundation funds music concerts and family movies in the large grassy area in the middle of the park during the spring and summer.

Orinda is surrounded by many large parks and regional preserves, in addition to the parks within our city. They include:

  • The Tilden Regional Park, Redwood Regional Park, and Briones Regional Park of the East Bay Regional Park District, Kennedy Grove and some 60 others.
  • The San Pablo Reservoir of the East Bay Municipal Utility District, Lafayette Reservoir and almost 80 miles of trails that need a permit on 27,000 acres of their watershed land.
  • Near the city, the John Muir Land Trust has many properties providing access to open space trails.