Concrete Driveway Additions & Extensions: Questions To Ask Your Contractor

Can you ever have enough driveway? Possibly not. You may feel like your current driveway is too small, or the space is just not being used as efficiently as possible. Concrete driveways are great for those looking to extend their property and add more parking spaces – but it’s important that you hire a contractor who knows what they’re doing! Read this article to learn what questions to ask when hiring someone for these projects.

  • What is the cost and timeline for this project? This will give you a general idea of what to expect, and how long they are planning on spending. – How much do I need to have saved up before starting? You should always get an estimate in writing from your contractor so that there are no surprises at the end. If possible, having some money upfront can help with any financial hiccups in between projects. Remember: concrete driveways often involve unexpected expenses such as broken pipes or other obstacles coming up during construction!
  • Would you prefer to work with a single project or do multiple projects? If the contractor is not interested in doing one big job, then they might be too busy for your needs. – Are there any permits that would need to be pulled before starting this project? You will want to know about the permitting process and how long it takes so that you can plan appropriately!

Some other questions to ask:

  • What are some of the benefits of hiring a professional concrete driveways company over someone who isn’t licensed? For example, if something goes wrong during construction (such as broken pipes), does my warranty cover those damages because I hired an expert team from start to finish? What’s included in their service package? Will they remove the old concrete driveway?

Types of Concrete Driveways:

  • Decorative – This type of drive is best for those who want something that’s eye-catching. Stamped or patterned, this style can be characterized by a design imprinted in the surface. The look might be simple and subtle to dramatic and bold. In most cases, there will be less than four colors used on top of each other as well as one color per row. These patterns are often chosen by homeowners because they complement their home exterior so nicely!
  • Interlocking Pavers – This style can be characterized by one large piece overlapping another to create an interesting pattern on the ground. Generally, interlocking pavers are used in patio areas and driveways because they offer plenty of space for sitting or walking around while also providing drainage below!
  • Patio Paver Rows (Rock) – If you’re looking for more than just concrete as your driveway then this would work great! These rows have seams between them so there’s no worries about riding over uneven surfaces when driving up near the home, however it does make them less efficient at draining water which is why these type of patios typically aren’t located anywhere near the home.
  • Patio Paver Patterns (Twist) – These pavers are great for when you want something different than a normal concrete driveway! This type of pattern is used in more open areas with plenty of room to move around and provides an interesting look that’s sure to be noticed by all your neighbors. Ping another paver up against it so there’s no worries about driving over uneven surfaces since these patios typically aren’t located anywhere near the home, however they do make them less efficient at draining water which is why these types of patios typically aren’t found just next to any buildings or homes.

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