This park is designated as an open space and offers a fenced-in dog exercise park area (2.5 acres), small picnic areas, and approximately 63 acres of scenic hiking trails.

Paso Nogal Park is a beautiful place for children to explore nature and get some exercise. Located near the corner of Pasqual Street and East 15th Avenue, Paso Nogal Park has plenty of trees, grassy fields, picnic tables, benches, and more that can be used by families to have a good time in the sun.

Paso Nogal Park offers something for everyone with its many different types of playground equipment including swing sets, slides, and jungle gyms. There are also plenty of things for parents to do while their children are playing including watching them, having a picnic, or just relaxing. Paso Nogal Park is the perfect place to take your kids on an afternoon that you’re both sure to love! 

Paso Nogal Park is a fun and educational destination for the whole family. It’s home to many different attractions, including:  -A new playground (including swings, slides, climbing areas) -An outdoor fitness area with exercise equipment and benches -3 tennis courts for public use. More than just a park, Paso Nogal Park is an indoor/outdoor facility where you can stay entertained all day long!

This policy includes open space hiking trails. Please respect others on the trails who may or may not like a friend.

Additional rules to take note of when using the off-leash areas of the dog park:

  • A dog has to be at least 6 months old. To ensure this, a registration tag on your dog’s collar must also have up-to-date information about immunizations and other health concerns from any time since they were last seen by their vet.
  • Owners and handlers have a responsibility to clean up after their dogs.
  • The Dog Park is an area for animals to run and play off-leash in designated areas while under the control of their owners or handlers.
  • Dog owners/handlers need to make sure their pets don’t do any digging!
  • Dogs that are in heat are not permitted, it becomes an uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous environment.
  • The maximum number of dogs per owner/handler is four.
  • The park has two fenced-in areas for canine exercise that dogs can use: one where dogs under 25 pounds can play, and another designated for larger breeds.
Pleasant Hill Remodel Stamped Concrete Project

Pleasant Hill, California is blessed to have some of the most picturesque and peaceful parks in the SF East Bay Area.  Here’s a shortlist of our favorites:

  • Pleasant Hill Park
  • Pleasant Oaks Park
  • Rodgers-Smith Park
  • Frank Salfingere Park
  • Len Hester Park
  • Hidden Valley Park
  • Fox Creek Park
  • Matteo’s Dream Playground

All of these landmarks are located just a short distance from our location in downtown Walnut Creek, Spaulding Concrete on Locust Street!