If education were an art museum, then certainly Bancroft Elementary School would be shown in a series of masterpieces. Viewing the canvas of Bancroft will be a fascinating and dynamic experience of seeing the visible canvas as well as the still unseen framework that produced this art work. The vibrant colors reflect a diverse student body, each participant alive with their own personal hue, only possible because the artists (parents, teachers, support structures, and community) will settle for nothing short of the best personal combination of red (Rigorous Standards), blue (Curriculum, Instruction and Parent and Community Involvement) and yellow (Assessment and Accounts) for each student. The layers of technique (Leadership and Collaboration), preparation (Professional Development and Parent Education), contrast (Diversity), mixed textures and use of interesting forms (Family and Student Support), and harmony (Safe and Supportive School Atmosphere and Culture) are intrinsic to the show. The school vision is the strong yet versatile frame that proudly shows their masterpiece, promotes services, and encourages continuous and potential improvements and upgrades based on achievement for all learners.

The following is a snapshot of what the school group encounters as a member of the students, families and staff.

First and foremost Bancroft has created an environment of inclusiveness and belonging. Picture this: It’s the first school day. Every teacher is happy to meet and greet families and children in his or her classroom, doors opened. The principal is in the main courtyard, shaking hands, making introductions and helping to find new classrooms for students and families. In the front counter of the school office, staff assist and help parents with questions. The efforts of our site custodians and district landscapers make it sparkle. The Bancroft School Climate Statement is shown on every school location.

Be free, be respectful and be accountable. Outside the bus circle and school sign at the front entrance parent volunteers arrange muffin and coffee tables to welcome new and returning parents. The year’s first bell rings out for students to join their teachers. The year has begun, and every day will bring forth the opportunity to improve partnerships and our learning community. Teachers, with faith and renewed zeal, start implementing best research-based practices, develop collaborative lessons around Common Core State Standards, dive into diagnostic assessments to prepare teaching, and set sail for a year of development for all students towards grade-level mastery with the requisite resources, supervision, differentiation and adjustments. Their innovative Collaborative Care Team and Learning Center Model is fundamental to our school vision and is designed to accommodate every identified student, using data-driven decisions to incorporate efficient and sustainable teaching and intervention strategies.

Image courtesy of Jeffreymendel Jeffrey Nash – Own work, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=50308966

This amazing school is located near these other top-notch schools in Walnut Creek, California:

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All of these amazing schools are located just a short distance from our location in downtown Walnut Creek, Spaulding Concrete on Locust Street.