What Is The Best House Foundation?

Foundation Types – Choosing the Right Foundation for Your Home

What form of foundation will your new home plan contain? Every great floor plan starts with a solid base, so design yours for the best possible conditions! Choosing the right type of foundation for your home is important-get a little guidance here, and we know you’re going to make the right choice! Let’s dig deeper, and learn more about each foundation form.

Slab – The Most Popular Foundation Type

Approximately half of all new homes constructed in the United States are constructed on concrete foundations. Customers flock to this budget-friendly alternative because a slab is by far the most cost-effective choice. So far as the foundations go, it’s simple and quick-a slab can also be poured directly on the ground or on a gravel bed. In order to construct a usable surface, your builder can need to do only a bit of excavating beforehand.

A slab foundation is a perfect option for warm and dry climates where the depth of frost isn’t going to be a concern. These also work well for places where water tables do not make the basements feasible. Nonetheless, if you are building on a sloped site, a slab probably won’t be an option (a crawlspace or basement may be your best bet here, depending on your conditions).

Crawlspace – The Best of Both Worlds

A crawl space incorporates simple as well as slab base aspects. The relatively inexpensive construction of a crawl space helps those trying to stay budget-conscious. Meanwhile, the 2-3 feet (or more) of space it offers under the house would give its owner much-needed access to mechanical and plumbing fittings. That will help save time and money for years to come on repairs!

A crawlspace is also a perfect choice for clients building on a sloped property. Footings are used to create a level base on which to build your home. Crawl spaces are often chosen in most flood zone regions, as the space between the ground and first floor serves as a flood-protecting barrier.

Basement – Additional Square Footage

Basement foundations are the most costly to build but come with incredible advantages! If you want to build with this base type, you create an abundance of additional square footage–not to mention the access to utilities is a non-issue! Build a gaming area, family room, or space for visitors. Your imagination is the only limit!

Such buildings also prefer to build with basement foundations in colder climates. This is the case because of the amounts of frost. Footings for a home must be dug and sunk below the local level of ice, making it much safer to opt to go a little further and do a full basement.

Before you go, let’s take a quick look at the different types of basements.

In-Ground Basement:

An in-ground basement is either completely or mostly underground. The only access to an in-ground basement is via a home’s principal stage. Some start at ground level, while others begin just above to make room for the light for small windows. When building on a level lot, customers usually prefer an in-ground basement, as the construction costs for a walkout basement can be high.

Daylight or Walkout Basement:

A daylight or walkout basement on its outer walls provides one or more full-width windows. The word basement walkout is also used when a door leads outside, too. The customers also choose a daylight or walkout basement because they are not fans of it missing the “basement feel.” This is due to the natural light which its windows and doors provide. It is a perfect choice when building on a sloped site!

Need a Second Opinion on Your Concrete Foundation?

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